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Justin Bieber’s a Monkey Killer

bieber monkey

Justin Bieber is a little shit who thinks it’s cool to spit in people’s faces, walk around shirtless and oh, try to smuggle his pet monkey into a foreign country and then leave it there when he’s caught by customs. That last bit happened earlier this year and Germany authorities gave Bieber until midnight last night (Friday) to get the correct paperwork over to them or else Mally the monkey was going to be put down. I’ll give you one guess as to whether or not he actually did that. If you chose “nope”, ding ding ding! We have a winner. Of course, it won’t be completely confirmed whether or not it happened until Tuesday, but the poor animal’s been there since the end of March. He’s not suddenly going to take interest at the eleventh hour. Asshole.

From Sky News:

The singer’s 17-week-old capuchin, called Mally, was seized by customs staff at Munich’s Franz Josef Strauss Airport after he failed to produce the correct papers for the animal. The Canadian star was detained “for some time” while customs officials took Mally into quarantine at the airport. Mally was sent to a Munich Animal Protection League (MAPL) animal shelter, where he has remained unclaimed since March 28.

Customs officials said that if Bieber did not produce the papers by midnight on May 17 then Mally would become the property of Germany. The deadline fell after offices closed for a three-day holiday weekend in Germany, and it won’t be clear before Tuesday whether the documents arrived.

Officials will also be billing the pop star for the monkey’s care, vet visits and food – an invoice that will run to several thousand pounds.

MAPL said that they had received two emails claiming to be from Bieber’s management company. In the messages, they were asked how long they had to produce the paperwork before the monkey would be put down, and secondly whether it could be given to a zoo. Custom officials say they have yet to receive any formal request for that from Bieber or any of his representatives.

Speaking last month, customs spokesman Thomas Meister, said: “If by May 17 there is nothing, then he loses ownership of the animal and it becomes the property of the Federal Republic of Germany.

“If Bieber really does want to place the animal in a zoo, he is welcome to contact customs authorities and forfeit Mally at any time, but will likely have to pay costs associated with keeping the monkey so far and a fine.”

Bieber flew his pet, understood to have been a 19th birthday president from music producer Jamal Rashid on March 1, to Munich on the Cessna Citation X he rents for £13,000-a-time.

I would like to think that the monkey will go to a zoo and live a happy life jumping between trees, eating bananas and having posable thumbs, but for some reason, I don’t think that’s going to happen. :(

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  • I fucking hate that little shit. It’s not the monkey’s fault beiber is a self entitled dick. poor little monkey :(

  • I can’t believe that the German government would actually put the monkey down instead of giving it the necessary vaccinations and actually transferring it to a zoo. This story has just been too high profile. It would be a huge draw for a zoo and they should simply not allow Beiber to re-enter the country until all of the related costs and fines are paid in full.

  • I’m from Germany and I can say: the monkey will NOT put down! It was under quarantine till yesterday and will now move to a zoo (but which one is as a secret – we don’t like paparazzis here). Story is all over the newspapers ;)

  • Hi Jennifer. I’m german too and I’m quite mad that you wrote Mally was going to be put down. Please don’t just say stupid things like that without checking it’s validity.
    Nobody here even thought of that, it was never an option.
    Mally’s already living in a zoo with a large group of other capuchin monkeys.

  • I read in a few places that Germany’s response to ‘How long does he have?’ was along the lines of… ‘we don’t euthanize here’. It was pretty straight-forward. Not sure how anyone would miss that one.