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Hey, Media! Stop Making Up Rumors (Reporting The Truth) About Justin Bieber!

justin bieber

Guys, being Justin Bieber is so hard! It’s like, he can’t even do whatever he wants to do, treat everyone like shit and be a total smacked ass without people talking about it making up rumors! I mean, can’t a 19-year-old spit in people’s faces, import exotic animals, smoke weed and have a stun gun without everyone having to say something about it? Ugh, everything’s the WORST!

Wittle Justin took to his Twitter page (of course) to complain yesterday about the “rumors” (news reports) about him popping up lately and to question where they came from. Well, they came from the news, asshole. Not a gossip blogger, not a Belieber’s fanfic tumblr, but from things you actually did. Are you that thick-skulled?

Why is this dickhead still around again? Please, someone remind me.

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