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Move Over, Bradley Cooper’s Mom, Rachel McAdams Is On The Scene

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Bradley Cooper‘s been living with his mom for two years, plus he’s been out of the dating game for a little while, which might make some people wonder if things aren’t going so well for him. However, it may be looking up for ole Bradley, as apparently Rachel McAdams – recently single after her split from Michael Sheen and her apparent unsuccessful wooing via text of Ryan Gosling – has been seen “flirting” with him when they had brunch together.

From Life & Style (so take it with a huuuuuge grain of salt):

Life & Style has learned that the Hangover star, 38, shared a very touchy-feely brunch with actress Rachel McAdams, 34, at Santa Monica’s Cora’s Coffee Shoppe on April 14.

“Bradley happily spent nearly two hours with Rachel, flirting and laughing over their meal,” an eyewitness says in the new issue of Life & Style, on newsstands now. “He seemed very into her.”

Strolling into the eatery with matching motorcycle helmets in hand, the couple sat down at the counter. A fellow diner dishes to Life & Style, “Rachel put her hand on his back and he put his on her shoulder. They were laughing and talking, and Bradley would not take his eyes off of her!”

Although Bradley’s rep refused to comment, the onlooker confirmed to Life & Style, “It definitely seemed like they were a couple. At one point Rachel put her hand on his hips and he was talking very close to her.”

I love that a woman can’t smile at a man or laugh at something he says without it being classified as “flirting”. Who knows – maybe she was flirting with him? But chances are there’s absolutely nothing to this story but two friends getting together for some food. Then again, if it is true, they’d kinda make a good couple. I’m with it.

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  • Well Brad said Jennifer Lawrence was too young for him then he starts dating a child in Suki Waterhouse, so I think a 34-year-old may be way too old for Bradley. He cruelly dumped Renee Zellweger after she nursed him through the death of his dad. Brad the jerk.

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