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Macaulay Culkin Moved In With Pete Doherty And Is Smoking 60 Cigarettes Per Day

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Macaulay Culkin has been going through some rough times. He hasn’t been quite the same since he split from ex girlfriend Mila Kunis. And there was the whole, “Dude looks like he’s on heroin” thing.

Now apparently he is very badly addicted to cigarettes and is smoking up to 60 per day. From The National Enquirer:

The troubled 32-year-old actor is smoking an astonishing 60 ciga­rettes a day and putting his life at risk of deadly lung cancer!

“Mac has swapped out one deadly habit for another,” declared a con­cerned pal. “It’s a nightmare!”

Last August, The ENQUIRER re­vealed that the former child star was a heroin addict who also abused painkillers. Now, he’s said to be off heroin and trying to clean up his act, but he’s tragically relying on an­other life-threatening crutch.

“He’s put his nicotine addiction into overdrive,” revealed another friend. “Almost every time I see him, he has a cigarette dangling from his lips and is puffing furiously.”

His brand of choice is Marlboro.

I don’t smoke cigarettes, so to me, 60 a day sounds like a lot. Like an insane amount. But is this somewhat reasonable for someone addicted to smoking? I Googled and found that Marlboro cigarettes come in 20 or 25 per pack. So I guess, if this is true, he’s smoking around 3 packs a day. Is that…normal? I honestly have no idea.

But let’s get really weird. Apparently, Pete Doherty and Macaulay Culkin are now roommates. Um, what? So does that mean they’re living in London or NYC or F-cking Crazy Pants Nation? According to Now Magazine, it’s Paris.

Yeah, this seems like a great idea. I can picture it:

Macaulay Culkin: Pete, did you buy food?
Pete Doherty: No.
Macaulay Culkin: Okay. I’ll get groceries tomorrow.

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  • The worst smokers I’ve ever known are about a pack a day, but those are people with jobs. I can’t imagine how a person can even fit 60 cigarettes in a day, time-wise. That’s a good 5 solid hours of smoking. He must have almost nothing else at all to do.

    • My thoughts exactly. If you’re smoking that much then I will automatically assume that you work for marlboro and you have to test the product.

      I only have time to smoke 4 maybe 5 cigs a day and I’m a nicotine addict.

      On the other hand, I don’t want to sound like the “guest” of Doherty, but that dude is bad news. He’s not allowed in the US, and he was shooting a film in France and allegedly getting treated once more for heroin addiction, so yeah, if they’re living together they’re in Paris.

      Btw, Amy Winehouse and Pete got really really close just before she died.

  • Birds of a feather! Yeah the outcome of this buddyship does not look good…

  • My father smokes and during the crab fishing season he smokes 3 packs a day(25 per pack) roughly from the stress of it all so it is alot but not heard of

  • I manage to smoke like 2 packs so 40 cigarettes a day, but like him I’m also recovering from heroin addiction so i wouldn’t say its really normal

  • there are 20 in a pack, you are correct 3 packs a day. 1 pack isnt too much, 2 packs can be alot, it really depends how fast he is smoking. my guess is if he is coming off a heroine addiction, he is smoking the cigarrettes fast. its perfectly reasonable, and while maybe alot for you, its really not a big deal.

  • I don’t care what Macaulay Caulkin does. He is super-talented and beautiful. He is doing better. People who say he is addicted to anything suck big over-flowing bags of donkey dicks.