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Lol What? Someone Told Gaga She Looked Like A Dead Amy Winehouse

lady gaga chateau marmont

Lady Gaga is still lying low after recuperating from surgery. She’s basically just hanging around, being Elton Johns’ kids godmother, you know, normal people stuff.

And then apparently she went to the Chateau Marmont to eat and her friend told her she looked like Amy Winehouse came back from the dead. You know, normal people stuff. From The National Enquirer:

It ain’t easy to shake up tough-as-nails LADY GAGA, but she flat-out freaked while dining at see-and-be-seen Chateau Marmont – rocking a long black wig, heavy makeup and mounds of dark mascara – when a pal passing by her table did a wide-eyed double-take and told her: “Wow, you really startled me – I thought AMY WINEHOUSE had come back from the dead!”

Stunned, Gaga ga-ga-gasped, literally dropped her fork on her plate – and dashed off to her room.

Half an hour later, La Gaga re-emerged sporting a red wig and subdued warpaint, and not looking at all like the tragic, drug-plagued British star she’d idolized before her tragic death at age 27.

What the hell is this, a Noel Coward play?

If you’d like to further mourn our dearly departed Miss Winehouse, you’ll soon be able to pay tribute at her memorial statue.

Please enjoy these photos of Lady Gaga leaving/arriving at the Chateau Marmont over the years.

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  • She does resemble Amy Winehouse. I’ve noticed that before. How rude of someone to say that to her over dinner!