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Oh, Snap: Are Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green Coming Back To ‘The Voice’?

cee lo green christina aguilera

I sure f-cking hope so. Shakira is the Nicole Scherzinger of the show, which basically means she talks utter nonsense and makes a total fool of herself but it’s supposed to be endearing (works for Scherzie, not so much for Shakira) and Usher just seems useless. He sits around and smiles his dimpley smile and sometimes mentions Justin Bieber and generally contributes nothing. I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but I actually miss Christina Aguilera‘s candor and unabashed shade towards contestants she knew as a kid/generally can’t stand and Cee Lo‘s inability not to have an animal perched on his shoulder during all his VTs. Bring them back!

From The Wrap:

Cee Lo Green is in advanced negotiations to return to Season 5 of “The Voice” alongside Christina Aguilera, according to an NBC executive with knowledge of the situation.

“We are not there yet, but working toward it,” said the executive.

As TheWrap reported earlier on Monday, Aguilera is already set to return next season as a coach on NBC’s hit singing competition.

Aguilera has signed her contract to return to the NBC talent competition, an individual with knowledge of the deal has told TheWrap. According to the insider, Aguilera’s return has been kept under wraps for a couple of months.

The pop diva will be paid $12.5 million for Season 5, said the executive with knowledge of the deal.

Another insider close to the negotiations said Aguilera made about $17 million when she was a coach on Season 3, which made her one of the highest paid women on reality TV. The insider said she could earn a figure as high as that again, depending on the number of hours she appeared. (Believe it or not, “Voice” coaches are paid by the hour.)

Green would not make anywhere near Aguilera’s salary. Negotiations are still underway for coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, who are also expected to return, the insider said.

Oh snap, get that money, Xtina – I ain’t mad atcha. Listen, I don’t choose to watch The Voice – I have to because I live blog it for another job. But since I have to watch it, I might as well be actually entertained rather than scrolling through Tumblr simultaneously. Bring back Christina and Cee Lo!

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  • I just want to say, that I don’t think Nicole and Shakira can be compared, Shakira has been and still is very succesful, and she is a very intelligent person and also with a very high IQ.

  • I think Usher and Shakira are far more enjoyable members of the cast than Cee Lo and Xtina.

  • Usher seems really oblivious and egomaniacal. He makes me miss Cee Lo’s more alternative song choices. Shakira, on the other hand, is actually really funny and genuine. I wish her and Christina could be on the show at the same time.

  • Christina looks so thin in that photo that I failed to recognize her. She lost weight, huh?