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Anna Wintour Had To Be Convinced To Invite Kim K To Met Gala; Drew The Line At Kris

kim kardashian met gala dress kanye

Kim Kardashian wore a delightful Mrs. Doubtfire ensamble to the Met Gala last week. It was so fabulous that Vogue cropped her out of a photo with Kanye, so that he could make the “best dressed” list without being tainted. Kim K’s deletion is making more sense considering that Anna Wintour really didn’t want to invite her. She didn’t last year, but this year relented as Kim is dating Kanye West who gives her more cred in the non-reality entertainment world.

But she drew the line at mom Kris Kardashian. From Radaronline:

“One Kardashian is enough!”

That was the blunt edict Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour delivered after learning Kim Kardashian‘s momager, Kris Jenner, enquired about attending last week’s A-List Met Costume Institute Gala, has learned.

“Anna approves every star who enters and although she finally relented on Kim, she drew the line at Kris, who was desperate to attend,” a source said.

“Anna wants a parade of stars at the gala, not a parade of reality stars!”

So I guess we can assume that we will not see Kris at this event, ever, or any other reality star unless they marry up. Hugely up.

AND I think we can assume that Gwyneth Paltrwoeisme will not be invited next year.

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  • I have a hard time figuring out why Kanye was invited…Anyway, if I knew that somebody didn’t want me at their soiree, no matter how “cool” it is, I would have enough pride NOT to crash the gate.

    • Um Kanye is very involved in the fashion community and happens for be really close friends with Riccardo Tisci who for the record is the creative director of Givenchy and also the designer of both Kim and Kanye’s met gala looks.

      • Kanye is a laughingstock in the fashion community. Just goes to show how shallow those people are if Anna Wintour (another moron) allows a poorly performing porn star like Kim to show her god-awful face and “fashion” at the Met Gala.

        I’d be leading a campaign to fire Anna Wintour from having ANYTHING to do with this event going forward.

  • The look on his face in that photo, Kim is all “Rrr, I’m a fierce sofa”, and he’s like “I’m not here, I’m NOT HERE”