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Sorry, Met Gala, Gwyneth Paltrow’s Not Impressed And Won’t Be Returning

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God help the world if Gwyneth Paltrow ever gets a Yelp account – no business will be safe from her wrath, as most will fall short of her incredibly refined standards and fail to keep her amused. Such is the case with the Met Costume Institute Gala last week. Everyone dressed up in their finest “punk” garb (though some clearly missed the whole theme thing) and had a nice, fancy night out with champagne, chit chat and general frivolity. It’s a rich person’s dream! Well, not for Gwyneth. She was bored and will NOT be going back next year.

From USA Today:

Just ask Gwyneth Paltrow, who attended Monday’s star-studded gala in Valentino. Her pal Beyoncé was the honorary co-chair and wore Givenchy.

“I’m never going again. It was so un-fun. It was boiling. It was too crowded. I did not enjoy it at all,” says Paltrow.

Aw, well isn’t that a shame? What’s the matter, Gwyn, not enough hydroponic shaved fennel nests served for your liking? Was someone wearing a dress that cost less than $5,000? THE SHAME!

I mean, listen. If I was a celebrity, I wouldn’t ever go to any of these events strictly because I prefer wearing pyjamas at all possible times and I still have half a season of Once Upon a Time to catch up on. But still, to act like you’re just so above it that it bored you? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck off, lady.

At least she got to ogle Miranda Kerr for a while. Small victories.

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  • Now you know why Chris stays away from her at these and any other public functions.. hypercritical and jealous if she is not the main topic and the only perfect one in the spotlight.. Please keep quiet in the shadows,,, failed to shine.. back ground people, I am speaking and posing now.. don’t eat or drink anything either.. It’s unsanitary and poorly rendered fare whose spotty origin sources, methods of cooking, arrangement of serving will probably cause you very ill health