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Florence Welch Rips Givenchy Dress, Has To Be Cut Out

florence welch

Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine is pretty fantastic and gets away with a lot of fashion choices that other stars just could not carry off, such as the Givenchy dress she wore to the Met Gala last weekend. Turns out, couture can be cumbersome and by the time she hit the after party at the Standard Hotel in NYC, she kept getting caught on furniture and had to be cut out of the gown. Uh oh.

From US Weekly:

A source tells Us Weekly that Welch’s wardrobe malfunction started at the Met Ball after-party at the Standard Hotel. Welch had a difficult time walking through the lobby when the fringe on her gown got ensnared on the chairs. “She was dragging chairs with her as she walked and seemed very flustered,” the source says. “People started to help her untangle from them.”
Frustrated by their efforts, Welch and her companions decided to simply snip away at the dress. “[They] were fed up with it and they decided to cut the dress a little right there! Cut it shorter so that she could make her way up to the party and have a good time.” Now that’s punk!

LOL at US Weekly pretending they’re hip by thinking that cutting a dress is “punk”. Love you guys, you keep me young.  I probably wouldn’t wear such a cumbersome dress to begin with, but I guess every once in a while we all have to pull a Lohan and get out the scissors.

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  • Quelle Horrible!
    Imagine having to walk a straight line from the front door of the hotel to the elevator. Maybe she had a little too much champagne at the Met or maybe her handlers did and kept knocking her into the furniture. When you look like Morticia Adams anything is bound to happen. Being cut out of a $20,000 couture dress is just one of the benefits of being a C list celebrity. And if she wants to do real damage let her loose in the lobby of Le Meurice (Paris) and she can destroy al the Phillipe Starck furniture (heh heh).

  • she looks like a gottdamn ginger crow. kinda hot!…kinda not. she’s giving me stevie nicks vibes here…