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Oh, Snap: Nicki Minaj Calls Mariah Carey “Bitter” and “Insecure”

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Guys, listen. I think you should sit down because I have something really important and extremely shocking to tell you. Are you ready? Okay, well… Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey don’t get along. You see, sometimes in Hollywood, celebrities get massive egos and think that in order to prove their own greatness, they need to try to start fights with other celebrities who have had success beyond the troublemaker’s wildest dreams even though no one really cares. It’s all very stupid, as you can see.

Okay, in all seriousness, let me just say this. Mariah Carey is a fucking legend. Music Box was the first cassette tape I ever owned as a 7-year-old, the MTV Unplugged session was like, my lifeblood and there’s not a single person who doesn’t STILL count ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ as the absolute best Christmas song written in the history of the world. The same can’t be said for Nicki Minaj, who bragged her way to the top of the rap game and then… stopped rapping. Somehow, I can’t see any Gen Y’ers sitting around with their teenage kids in 15 years to reminisce about ‘Super Bass’.

All of this is neither here nor there, though. Mariah’s probably a total bitch just like Nicki, but there’s one slight difference: Mariah’s earned it. People need to check themselves before they wreck themselves – an important message Nicki obviously missed out on since she tried to pick another on-air fight with Mariah on Wednesday and Thursday night’s episodes of American Idol. When Perez Hilton wrote one of his bullshit stories about the incident (which I won’t even bother to link because I can’t stand him that much), claiming that Mariah had “burned” Nicki by saying she had more #1s or something, Nicki took to Twitter to respond:

Right, I get that you’re proud of your rap roots, Nicki (though I would hardly call whatever it is you do anymore rapping), but what’s your point about being a black female. Mariah Carey is a half black female. Isn’t her accomplishment just as valid? It makes it mighty hard to even like Nicki Minaj on a basic level anymore when she starts talking utter garbage like this (and this is from someone who loved the Beam Me Up Scotty mixtape).

Anyway, Nicki also had a dig at the rumours that Idol producers wanted to replace Mariah with J.Lo mid-season (not realising, of course, that her place at the judges’ table doesn’t exist past this season, either).

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  • I don’t care for Nicki, but I buy Mariah being insecure. Fighting on the internet, however, is for losers.

  • side note: have you guys seen GLITTER?! oh lord….still… team mariah all the way.

  • Funny how nicki said “a black female rapper” Has she seen herself in the mirror lately, she has fake hair, bleached skin. That does not scream black. If she’s talking about insecure don’t look too far nicki. Check your self in the mirror sometimes.

  • I quit watching American Idol because of Nicki – even though I like Keith Urban and Mariah –
    Basically she has a big mouth and rap to me is not music at all –

  • Exactly what you said, they’re probably both bitches & difficult, HOWEVER, Mariah has earned being a bitch, Nicki has not.
    I hope they’re all back next season except for Nicki. If I see one more eye roll from her I’m going to punch the tv.

  • Mariah can sing

    Its not really hard to have some respect for that

    Nicki You suck!

  • Once again people hating again 1st kim k and blac chyna now nicki minaj yo stop hatin on my bitch fuck she just keepin it 100 everybody doesn’t like one another but its life move on stop hating and first off nicki is straight black doesnt matter color of her skin or watever you Haters say she still doing her not worried about yall you mother fuckers sit on here allday gossiping like they see this shit 1st off get it together because nicki is doing her thing just as much as mariah I love them both even if they do have a problem wit eachother theres no love loss thats how it is these days I got alot of haters always got something to say but soon as I see them in public nothing to say that shows me whos really real and fake but anyway keep yall comments to ya self if there is nothing nice too say …shoutout to my girl nicki minaj ^^turn down for what ^^ for who