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Ryan Lochte’s Stoner Brain Can’t Remember How Many Olympic Medals He Has

ryan lochte
Ryan Lochte is a man of many hats. He’s a reality TV star, a future fashion designer… oh, and an Olympic medal-winning swimmer. Heh heh, almost forgot about that.  I know lots of ladies (and bros – we’re equal opportunity around here) go nuts for this bozo, but bless his heart, he hasn’t got the sense God gave him. Or, more likely, it floated away in a haze of White Widow smoke long ago.

From Parade:

Online Extra: Where does Ryan keep his medals?
“My mom keeps them. She tucks them away and probably has them in some kind of safe. The Olympics are last year. In the past. I’ve forgotten about how many medals I’ve won,  and how many records I’ve broken. I have to keep moving forward and keep my eyes on the prize of what I really want to accomplish in the sport of swimming,” he says.

“My mom keeps them.” My mom keeps them. This is a grown ass man with enough discipline to become a world-class athletes but he can’t be trusted with his medals. Lord almighty.

On a related note, has anyone been watching his show? I feel like I’ve missed out on so much. Going to Hulu it now.