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Taylor Swift Bought A $17 Million Mansion; I’ve Wasted My Life

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Taylor Swift is such a huge freaking success. Sure, she’s made fun of for her lyrics and her serial dating/her comments about dating (here’s more), and her whimsical “I’m 23 but act 14” mentality, but bitch is an empire and she knows what she’s doing. She just bought a $17 million dollar mansion — and paid for it in cash. That’s how successful she is.

Moments like these make me think, “I’ve wasted my life. 100%.” gives us the deets.

The Colonial style four-level Rhode Island mansion sits on 5.23 acres, 65 feet off the beach, and boasts more than 11,000-square-feet of luxury living space.

The mansion has 8 enormous bedrooms, 10.5 baths, 8 fireplaces, a 36-foot parlor, and a 45-foot sunroom. There are also two kitchens, a huge main kitchen complete with all the latest bells and whistles and a service kitchen on the lower level with access to the seaside entertainment area and a large pool, plus, a half bathroom just for staff. The heated garage holds five cars and has a separate area for a workshop.

… The original asking price was a hefty $20 million, but Swift was able to negotiate the price down to $17.75 million. Then she wired the money to seal the deal and movers were spotted at the house shortly thereafter.

This is some Great Gatsby shit. On the other hand though, the house is in Rhode Island. BUT it’s good real estate I guess. Will she ever live in it? She tours so much and is so busy. SHE’S ONLY 23. INSANE. The f-ck is she going to do with 8 bedrooms? She could stay in a different bedroom for each day of the week. That’s what I would do.

But good for her.

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  • I have always wondered WTF anybody needs with a super huge mansion…..especially a single woman in her early 20’s. I can see a fabulous master bed & bath and a chef style kitchen. I can see a large area for entertaining and some spare bedrooms for friends and family. But you can get all that for less than $17M. A lot less. The rest is for showing off. But that is probably pocket change for her and no big deal. What a life she has made for herself by whining like a pre-teen about “boys” (she is a woman and should be calling her lovers MEN). I guess she earned it. I still think it is silly. Maybe I’m just jealous!