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Old School Gossip: Marilyn Monroe Padded Her Bra?

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Marilyn Monroe, Ms. “Candle In The Wind” still generates gossip even though she’s been dead since 1962. That’s TRUE star power. Every once in a while we’ll see some item of clothing being auctioned off or a pile of never-before-seen photographs emerge. She still sells. At this point people are probably just making stuff up Ms. Monroe. The latest rumor is that she wore falsies. Actually I think I’ve heard this one before, many times. But not from Michael Musto! And not this particular anecdote. So that’s something. Barely. From The Village Voice:

Late reporter James Bacon talked in his memoir about how he ran into Marilyn Monroe on the day she tested for The Asphalt Jungle, which ended up being a 1950 John Huston-directed classic crime drama. The young blonde had clearly stuffed herself with cotton and basically looked like a giant human swab, if more appealing. “Marilyn, what the hell have you done to yourself?” Bacon asked. “You look grotesque. You look like a filing cabinet with the top drawer pulled out.”

Marilyn looked hurt and explained that her agent had advised her to dress sexy because they were looking for a woman with large breasts.

It turned out she didn’t need the stuffing at all.

Huston later told Bacon that when the starlet came in to audition, he promptly reached into her sweater and yanked the cotton right out.

“I pulled out the falsies,” Huston admitted, “and said, ‘Now we’ll read for the part’.”

Which she got.

It’s refreshing to know that even the biggest stars felt self-conscious. Even Audrey Hepburn thought she wasn’t pretty.

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