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Sharon Osbourne Doesn’t Want A Divorce From Ozzy, Just Some Time Away

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Sharon Osbourne has been through some shit with Ozzy over the years and their relationship drastically improved when he got clean. All that sort of went down the tubes when he started drinking and using drugs again over the past few years, leading to the couple living apart and sparking rumours that their marriage is over.

The good news, Sharon’s not filing for divorce and hopes to eventually reconcile with Ozzy. The bad news is that it’s not going to happen until he’s clean again for a long while.

From TMZ:

Sources connected to the couple tell us … even though Ozzy says he’s been sober for 44 days … it’s not enough for her. She’s been living with this most recent bout of drug and alcohol abuse for a year-and-a-half, and Sharon is saying 44 days doesn’t make that go away.

Ozzy has admitted … his boozing and drug use caused their split but he’s confident Sharon will NOT end their 31-year marriage by filing for divorce.

Our sources say … Sharon’s intention is not to end the marriage, but she believes she has to make it clear to Ozzy once and for all … she can’t handle his substance abuse.

Sources familiar with the situation say there will be NO divorce.  As one person put it, “They’ve been through hell and back together.  They’re not breaking up.”

Good for her. I could put up with a lot of shit but the thing with drugs is that they change the kind of person you are and make you capable of some serious fuckery. It’s probably really painful for Sharon to be away from him, but everyone’s got to draw the line somewhere. I do hope that Ozzy gets clean and stays that way, and not just for the sake of his marriage,  but I’m with Sharon on this one.

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  • I imagine that the longer Sharon is away, the easier it will be for Ozzy to stay sober… Sorry, just saying.

  • She is the Rock of that family ! If it wasn’t for her he would have been dead along time ago ! She should just go because he will never change and now he’s going on tour where he will never stay sober !

  • Yeah, she’s great… One daughter won’t even speak to her. She is a vile, greedy person. Ozzy is no gem but, I’m team Ozzy if forced to pick.

    • I assume you’re talking about Aimee, who does actually speak to Sharon. They were photographed together at least twice just last month, going to an art gallery and going to visit Kelly in the hospital.