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Thursday Snoozefest: Mario Lopez Is Being Sued for Consumer Fraud

mario lopez

There’s no funny way to spin this one or make it seem interesting, so let’s just stick with the facts. Mario Lopez is being sued to the tune of $50,000 for agreeing to host a concert last year, receiving a partial payment up front, then backing out at the last minute. That’s really all there is to it, but let’s let E! News give you the full “scoop”:

Court documents state that Robert “Bobby” Capone is suing Lopez for not fulfilling his job as a host for a concert event at the Roxy/and or Penn’s Landing Caterers in Philadelphia on Oct. 27, 2012.

According to the lawsuit, Lopez was to be paid an appearance fee of $15,000, and was given $8,000 in advance. Capone states that on Oct. 10, Lopez’s team notified him that he would not be attending because of “new commitments” that have “just arose.”  Capone is suing Lopez for consumer fraud, bad faith dealing, breach of contract and fraud in the inducement.

Because of the last minute cancellation, Capone said he suffered losses estimated at $5,000 but he is demanding a judgment against Lopez in the amount of $50,000.

Okay, so if you’re trying to recoup your costs of the $8,000 you gave Mario and the $5,000 it cost to replace him, that’s $13,000… far from $50,000. I never get why people sue for “damages”. What got damaged, your brain, which kept you from doing proper math? Anyway, Mario should just tell the court he’s got no cash to spare – babies are expensive as hell.

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  • they just want summa dat Saved By The Bell money! holy residuals, batman! he’ll always be AC slater to me…

  • doyou have to constantly call the stories you report boring, it in turn just makes it boring to read i don’t get it

  • Probably because it costs alot more then 15000 to run an event
    There was radio play for that concert for 2 months
    So that’s probably 25k there’s all print adds
    Sponsor packages
    Tickets to be refunded , pretty sure if the lawsuit says 50k there’s receipts to state that
    I had this happen to

  • Easily cost four times the amount of what the act cost, Mario is a crumb anyway cheated on his wife to be at his bachelor party