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Mario Lopez Is Going to Be a Father For The Second Time

Mario Lopez and his now-wife Courtney Mazza had their first child, a daughter called Gia, back in 2010, but they’ve been busy since. Between hosting The X Factor USA and decorating Christmas trees in his skivvies, Mario knocked Courtney up with another zygote which will soon turn into a baby that’ll enter the world later this year.

From Extra:

“I am the happiest father in the world. We cannot wait to welcome baby Lopez number two into our lives.”

Well, that was a simple and tasteful statement. I have no feelings on Mario Lopez because he will always just be AC Slater from Saved By the Bell to me and even then I have not many feelings on him or his crater-deep dimples, so let’s just leave it as a congrats to the happy couple, yeah?

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  • Mario Lopez is an ass. He was supposed to come to some charity Auction at a bar by me. Women only. Tickets were like $60 each. My friends husband knew the guy who owned the bar so we got a VIP table and I didn’t pay anything but If I had I would have been pissed. He showed up 2 hours late, when they started letting other people into the bar since the event was supposed to be “over”, took a few photos with those who paid extra for it and then left again. he didnt say anything to anyone not even a wave. Showing up late and not saying anything to people who pay that much in my book makes you an asshole. He eventually did come back again but he holed himself in VIP and wouldnt speak to literally anyone. I am not a fan of his at all. Randomly Robin Thick was also there who was super friendly and talked to people, and danced with them and it wasnt even his event.

  • I agree that makes him sound like ass but god you can’t take away from him that he is one fine piece of ass :) that’s why all the ladies were there right ? God he’s gorgeous !!!! What a body !!!!!