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James Woods Broke Up With His Child, I Mean Girlfriend

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James Woods, 66, is no longer dating his girlfriend, Ashley Madison, 26. They began dating when she was 19. They began dating when she was 19. They began dating when she was 19. They began dating when she was 19. They began dating when she was 19.

Sorry for the extra emphasis, but I can’t even. She’s the daughter of one of his friends. I’m guessing that friendship dissolved pretty quickly.

More from The Daily Mail:

James Woods has split from girlfriend Ashley Madison after a seven year relationship.

The Oscar-nominated actor, who began dating Ashley when she was just 19, confirmed the split to the National Enquirer.

‘We’ve gone our separate ways but I will always love her,’ he said.

The daughter of one of the actor’s best friends, Ashley was criticised by the press for ‘wearing a miniskirt and chain smoking during his brother Michael’s funeral service in 2006,’ according to The Enquirer.

‘I want the world to know that nothing could be further from the truth,’ James told the publication. ‘Mean-spirited people who wanted to hurt Ashley made up that story.’

‘Ashley was young and I was old and everyone wanted to dump on her,’ James explained. ‘She was put through a lot of unfair stuff because of our relationship, but through it all, Ashley showed tremendous character.’

The Enquirer previously reported that Ashley was hoping for an engagement ring from the actor on her 25th birthday in 2011. Instead, the couple split when James’s attention became more focussed on his 86-year-old mother Martha who died last year after a prolonged illness.

‘I had to give all my attention to my mom and it wasn’t fair to Ashley,’ said the actor:

Meanwhile, Ashley has fallen for 28-year-old businessman Joe Spinella who runs a restaurant in Florida. ‘I’m happy now, but I will always have feelings for James,’ she said. ‘We had some great times together.’

The above photo was taken in 2007. This is what James Woods looks like now:

james woods 2013

I have no idea what happened in 6 years. Is he okay?

Meanwhile Bradley Cooper is still kicking it with his 20 year-old girlfriend. Ugh.

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  • You have no idea what happened in 6 yrs? It’s called aging and stress from caring for an ill parent.

    We won’t be in our 20’s and 30’s forever folks. FACT.

  • How old was she when they started dating? I couldn’t find that information in your article.

  • 6 years isn’t a short amount of time. My dads hair turned completely white over the course of a month after my grandmother died. I shit you not.

  • I actually don’t see a problem with a twenty-year age difference as long as both people are at least 18, but yeah, it seems like it would be hard to justify a 40-year age difference as being based on anything other than some weird fantasy because it seems like the people involved would not have enough in common. It’s totally ridiculous that Bradley Cooper dating a twenty-year-old is news. The only reason it ought to be is because he had previously said he wouldn’t date anyone that young, but there’s nothing inherently wrong with it, so who cares?

  • He looked exactly the same back in 2007 as he does now except he’s not dying his hair that stupid block color that older guys are convinced makes them look “young”! Eh, no, it just makes you look like you dipped your head in boot polish. I would say he just got tired trying to keep up the facade.

  • Hell they’re relationship lasted way longer than most couples in Hollywood! What’s the normal life span in a marriage there? Like maybe 3 months!!

  • I am so glad James Woods broke up with Ashley. I hope his career gets the best of him. He is terrific in anything he does. You go James.

    A real fan.