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Kendall Jenner Wishes She Was a Normal Teenager Sometimes

kendall jenner cosmopolitan

Kendall Jenner has already made it clear that she’s got no interest in being a Kardashian, but with Kris Jenner as her mother and Kim, Kourtney and Khloe as sisters, there’s no way for her to avoid the celebrity ho stroll. Tant pis for Kendall, who is glad she’s filthy rich and all but wishes she could just be a normal kid sometimes.

From Cosmopolitan:

“The show brought us everything I have, and I realize that, but sometimes I just want to be left alone and be a normal kid for, like, five minutes. That’s tough when the paparazzi are chasing you.”

Well, yeah. It’s also tough when you’re starring in a reality show, trying to have an adult modeling career, are doing interview with Cosmopolitan, etc. It’s a shame that she and Kylie are always going to be stuck trying to catch up with her older sisters, who were at least slightly younger when Kris threw them into the spotlight and forced them to sell themselves to the media for whatever cash they could get. At the same time, it’s all these kids have ever known so I think Kendall is probably talking out of her ass, unfortunately.

More pics from Kendall’s shoot with Cosmopolitan below…

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  • Sureeeee, she would hate being normal. She’s used to all of her nice things and she’d be lost if no one was paying attention to her. She probably literally means she just wants to be normal for five minutes, no more no less. Otherwise she wouldn’t be granting interviews and stating that she “only” wants to focus on modeling. She could demand to go back to school – god forbid any of these kids have an education to fall back on (even though Rob pretty much negates even that argument) – but I imagine PMK ain’t havin’ NONE of that.

  • The lament of being “normal” could easily be solved but that would mean giving up the $$$$$$$. $$$$$ are more important to her than being “normal”. Poor little rich girl lamenting over the PRICE.