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Game Of Thrones Star Has Less Than $5 In Her Bank Account

lena headey

Lena Headey, currently starring on Game of Thrones as Queen Cersei, has less than $5.00 in her bank account. Seriously. Less than $5.00.

How does it get this bad?

In a word: divorce. In more words: divorce and taxes.

TMZ explains.

Headey opened up about her dire financial situation in new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, which she filed in response to her husband Peter Loughran’s demands for half of their $46,000 tax refund from 2011 … which technically could be community property from their marriage.

Lena — who filed for divorce from Peter last year — says she needs $6,000 from that refund ASAP because she’s barely scraping by, living off credit to make ends meet for her and their 2-year-old son.

Lena says she expects to receive acting income in the near future, but she needs the $6,000 advance from the refund right now.

Lena says she’s willing to give Peter $6,000 from the refund to cover his living expenses … but she wants the rest placed into a two-signature blocked bank account pending a settlement.

The judge denied Peter’s emergency motion for half the money, and Lena’s proposal got tossed out with it … so it’s still unclear how the exes will split the money.

Damn, sucks for her. How is she even living right now? On credit? That shit is scary. At least she’s not pulling a Lohan; she actually has a steady job, and she isn’t relying on Charlie Sheen to bail her out.

Maybe Ms. Headey and poor Dionne Warwick can get together and figure it all out.

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  • I know gender-roles are on their way out, but seriously. What kind of a man robs his ex wife of everything she has? What a piece of shit.

    • you really dont know nothin about this situation missy so i’d just shut up if i was you
      “gender roles are on the way out”… really?

    • Men like my ex husband…. I can totally relate. He took everything, even wanted my dog too. Total D-bag. She apparently used my crappy lawyer too. Upside is she’ll recoup her loss, the rest of us non famous women in the same boat have to scrape by and hopefully not have to file bankruptcy again.

  • A $46,000 tax refund?! Wow. How someone is unable to get by when their tax refund is more than twice what I make in a year is beyond my mental capacity to comprehend. Who needs $6,000 *right now* in order to survive? Cry me a river.

  • What I don’t understand is how you can be on a hit-show that provides you with a really good income and be broke while still being in front of the camera… How the fuck do these people take care of their finances? Same for those celebs who end up owning the IRS millions for taxes they claim they didn’t know had to be paid and then file for bankruptcy… Get an accountant people and visit the dude (or girl) every month or so.

  • Umm I call bullshit on this story. There is more to wealth than how much money you have in your checking account. How much does she have in assets? Show me the houses she owns, the cars she drives, her investments. There is no doubt she could liquidate some of her assets if she was really in such dire straits.

  • Yeah and if it were an Actor, everyone would be saying, “So What?” So who cares, that’s life, that’s marriage, that’s divorce. That’s being a single Mom. Everyone has their own problems. Maybe she should apply for welfare.

  • Boo hoo.

    Good thing she’s an actress and not an accountant I guess.

    I find it awfully hard to get all misty eyed over this. It’s not like she won’t land on her feet and probably be worth more than 95% of the population once the smoke clears.

  • It’s nonsense and lies.she was just in Calgary for the comic con.get a pic with her? $55. Not to mention the $300 ticket price for Tue dinner featuring her and dinklage. Plus whatever she was paid to appear. And she didn’t pay for her flights hotels or meals,soooo… Yea bs on this nonsense.

  • u should all kill urselves for leaving these utube type comments

    u don’t know her life or if this is even credible

    next time you drive near a cliff, just gun it

  • Why should anybody care?

    Look around the world, and then tell me that this overpaid waste of DNA actually matters!

    If she can’t survive on the thousands per week she undoubtedly gets paid (note that I didn’t say ‘earns’, because they don’t) then maybe she ought to think about doing something more useful … garbage disposal operative, perhaps?

  • This is so awesome! Feminism in action, gotta love the feminists calling men d-bags when they lose 1/2 of their assets. Pot meet kettle, goose meet gander. Hilarious!