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Britney Spears Still Shops at Walmart, Is Definitely My Hero

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – even if I became a multi-millionaire one day, you will still see me at Target with the general population. Sure, I’ll be buying with abandon (hay, bulk paper towels!), but having more money just makes me feel cheaper than when I was broke. It’s odd that way, but perhaps Britney Spears is picking up what I’m putting down, as she’s been shopping at Walmart, y’all!

Still home in Kentwood, Louisiana – her old hometown – BritBrit hit up Walmart in the same clothes she flew in with on Thursday (love u, girl) as she bought toys, flowers and God knows what other crap.  Her bodyguard was with her, but generally she kept it low key. The only thing missing was her new boyfriend who – despite passing his background check with flying colours, I guess – was nowhere to be found. Boo hoo.

More of Brit’s shopping fun below…

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  • She really needs a much shorter, low maintenance haircut. She obviously doesn’t feel like putting in the work required to make *this* mess look good.

    For the love of Walmart, Brit, pull it in a ponytail?

  • Get rid of the m-f’ing extensions! From what I understand they are very difficult to deal with when they’re glued in or whatever instead of just clip in tracks, I’ve been told you have to wash, brush, etc very very carefully. Clearly she doesn’t want to do that. Take those bitches out and just have short, thin hair that you can run a frickin brush through. Isn’t the point of extensions to look glamorous?