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Justin Bieber’s Mom Sucks; Plus, Justin Sneaks Monkey On Plane, Refuses to Pay for Tattoo

Justin Bieber‘s mother, Pattie Mallette, certainly won’t be winning any parent of the year awards, that’s for sure. After nearly aborting the little dickhead, she’s now trying to get famous by writing books and making films about how great actually having him worked out for her (read: $$$$, ya’ll!), all the while not giving a shit how much of an unbearable asshole he’s turned out to be.

Mallette is out on the ho stroll promoting Crescendo, which she is an executive producer on, and of course she’s been asked about Justin’s antics as of late, the most recent of which being his spitting in his neighbor’s face and threatening to kill him, refusing to pay a tattoo artist and sneaking a monkey onto his private jet. You’d think, as his mother, she’d refuse to comment (because you can’t realistically expect her to admit that yeah, he’s turned into a nasty piece of work) or say that it’s difficult and she’s trying to work out what’s behind his bullshit, etc. Instead, she just sorta shrugged and said her job as a parent is done.

From Access Hollywood:

“Him being 19, you know, I’ve just gotta let go a little and let him make some of his own decisions. He’s growing up. He’s 19. He’s not my baby.”

I mean, sure – he is technically an adult and can do whatever he wants, but I’m not even a parent and I know that role doesn’t end when a kid turns 18. Can she control him? Maybe not, but if she’s raised him to be so close to her and all that bullshit they both spout, you think she’d give more of a shit. But, you know, I guess once the check clears in the bank, you care a lot less about your own flesh and blood.

As for Justin, here’s more on his other fuckery. A tattoo artist from London has spoken out over the “spoiled brat” who whined and moaned about the £1,000 ($1,600) fee until the guy left with only half the money just to get away.

From The Mirror:

“Initially I was told to go to Justin’s hotel at 7pm by one of his minders but then I was called back and put on standby all night.

“I was finally summoned to the hotel at 6am. I was told money wasn’t a problem so we didn’t discuss prices.”

“When I said it was £1,000, Bieber’s bodyguard didn’t want to pay. They snubbed me and tried to haggle over the money. In the end I accepted £500 just so I could go.

“Basically, he’s a joke and a spoilt brat. When I was there, I also saw Justin throw a fit with his personal assistant. It was disgraceful.”

To be fair to Justin, I’d begrudge paying a grand for such ugly body art. Fuuuuuuck this kid. If all that wasn’t enough, he now faces prosecution and up to a $10,000 (or whatever the Euro equivalent is) in Germany for sneaking his pet monkey, Mally, on a transatlantic flight. The monkey’s now being detained at customs at his expense. What an idiot.

From The Sun:

The star broke strict health laws by sneaking the primate into Germany in his private jet.

Last night a source said: “Justin has been acting like a right diva. He is out of control and lives in an alternative reality to the rest of us.

“He didn’t think about the potential risks of flying a monkey from one continent to another.

“He and Mally go everywhere together. He will be heartbroken it has been put in quarantine.

A customs spokesman said: “The animal required a certificate of health and other authorisations.You cannot just land with a wild animal and bring it into the country if the flight has not originated from another EU country and you don’t have the proper paperwork.”


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  • I only wish that the Beaver would have been held in quarantine until he grows up and quits acting like a fucking monkey. Stupid little asshole.

  • He’s not a man. He’s not a boy. He’s a twerpy little asshole. If I were the tattoo artist, I would have charged him much more because he is such a pain in the ass. He should have tattooed “Twerp” on him instead of whatever he tattooed.

      • OH MY GOD I googled it and he did! I wouldn’t pay that either!! The artist said he spent FOUR HOURS on it…FOUR!! Some artists have an hourly rate and that would mean he charges 250 pounds an hour. And why would that teensy symbol take FOUR HOURS? WHAT EVEN IS THAT?!?! Even though Bieber’s a little shit it totally seems like the artist was taking advantage there

  • I’m afraid poor Justin is afflicted by the same malady that can affect many of those who become really famous really young. How Jodie Foster and Emma Watson managed, I’ll never know. He makes me so grateful for my kids.

    But Jennifer, I have to ask you – and please know that I’m honestly curious and not the least bit defensive – I have 2 teenage kids, and I get where Beibers mom is coming from, particularly with my 17 y/o, so I wonder what you think would be the appropriate response? My older kid makes regrettable decisions (thank god, not anywhere near the level of Beibers) and I try to counsel him hoping it will seep in and make a difference maybe when his prefrontal cortex is fully developed, if not before, but he takes it as criticism and is crazy defensive, which I think is pretty normal for his age. So when Mallette talks about ‘letting go a little and letting him make some of his own decisions”, it strikes me as a far cry from giving up as a parent.

    I’ve also been wondering about your thing with gluten, which you’ve mentioned on Gwenyth Paltrow posts. My younger kid is gluten and dairy intolerant, and I would LOVE it if I could feed them to her. It is such a huge pain in the ass, you have no idea. But when you talk about Paltrow, it sounds like you think she’s not giving her kids proper nutrition. Just wanted to be sure you know that when it’s bad for someone, it makes them VERY sick, but I’m curious about your thoughts. If you feel like replying.

    • I just think her choice of wording when saying her job as a parent was ‘done’ (if she did say that, which sounds like being a parent was just a ‘job’ to her) came across very extreme. Like:

      “Raised him to 18, not my problem anymore, seeing as nothing he does will reflect badly on me now. Anything bad happens, I’ll just write a book & shop a movie deal.”) She gives off Dina Lohan vibes here, to me.

  • I know he’s always run his mouth about how much he admires/strives to be like Micheal Jackson… But isn’t the monkey going a bit overboard? Surprised he didn’t name s/he ‘Bubbles’.

  • Obviously this bitch doesnt care shes already rich. She probably only had him bc she couldnt afford abortion.

  • Okay,so this is my opinion. The person who wrote this has no life and is a complete idiotic ass. You need to learn how to give other people space and fix your own life instead of criticing Justin and his mom. You don’t have the right to Criticise a 19 year old boy. He’s going through quite enough allready with all the un deserved hate he’s getting. You obviously don’t realise that children his age do much worse shit than what he’s doing.
    And someone else in his place could’ve
    Been way worse. He still has feelings and a life which he needs to carry on with and people like you are making It harder for him everyday. As for Pattie she built a base for him out of literally
    Nothing. And I’m sure Justin loves her alot it shows. She’s given up alot for him and you don’t have the right to judge her. Imagine ur feelings if people were saying crap about your son all the time. So please get a life and leave Justin alone. He’s an amazing person from his heart. And doesn’t talk shit about others. And you obviously don’t understand that, Because you obviously don’t have a life or have some great problem on your life
    That you thinks given you the right to be a bitch,.
    Well it hasn’t.

    • It would seem that your parents failed you and society in general by letting you skate through school….You’re an idgit and your parents should be beaten for birthing and raising such a moron. Get into remedial classes asap, unless you enjoy being the “mop-guy” in the local adult theater.

    • be this poetry? it seems to be written in stanzas!
      also, the fact that you’ve said the same thing over and over again in like, triple the amount of words necessary reveals your age…go do some homework, work those brain cells

  • It’s true what is mum said he’s 19 she c,t control him anymore he needs to be his own man and make his own choices and the tattoo artist probably charged him 1000 because its justin bieber and he’s rich