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Justin Bieber, WTF, Stop Spitting On People

justin bieber douchebag

Justin Bieber, you need to get your shit together in a nice little bundle and hold it closer, tiny dancer. You say you’re not a bad person and I believe that, but you are making some bad decisions. Like getting into a fight with your neighbor and being accused of battery. Now new details emerged that you spit on them and threatened to kill them. Dude, stop threatening to kill people. The last time you did that, your body guard held you back and made you look like an annoyed dad putting his child into a car seat.

From TMZ:

Justin Bieber was so out of control during his altercation with a neighbor Tuesday … he had to be restrained by his bodyguard … this according to the neighbor’s account to cops.

We broke the story … the neighbor claims Justin spit in his face and threatened to kill him after he complained that the singer was driving his Ferrari at around 100 mph in the gated community.

We’ve now learned … the neighbor told L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies … Bieber wasn’t done after hocking the loogie … he was lunging at the 47-year-old man and the bodyguard had to restrain him.

Our Bieber sources say the singer insists he did not spit or attack the guy … but as we reported, a landscaper directly across the street from Bieber’s home says he saw the singer spit.

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Mr. Bieber, you are an entitled angry young man who needs to realize that you have so many opportunities in front of you and that those opportunities should be your main focus in your lucky life. You have no idea how long this is going to last. Ask David Cassidy or Lief Garrett. If you have issues, that’s fine, a lot of people do. Get some therapy. Just because you’re super famous and super rich doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to have your own problems. I get that. But it also means that you aren’t allowed to spit at people and be a jerk. This is just common decency and common sense.

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  • I’m not sure who he thinks he is beside him thinking he’s an entitle brat for some reason ! If anyone ever spit on me they wouldn’t have a tooth in their mouth !! Did his mom teach him any manners ? Maybe not she has said many times that she wanted to get an abortion so she just popped him out them never gave him another though ! She probably thought she did him a favor by giving birth ! I am against abortion a 110% but giving birth doesn’t make you a mom maybe she should have put him up for adoption where someone could have raised him with morals !! Everyone should stop buying his shit and he will see how entitled he is when no one shows up to his concerts ! Maybe parents that have teens need to stop buying his shit for their kids !!

  • He’s the poster child of why abortions are just fine. If that little twig came at me I would tell the bodyguard to let him go so I can give him the beat down that he NEEDS. If he spit on me, he wouldn’t have much of a face left

  • He’s a underage over privileged self entitled little snot!!!,
    Behaving in a uncouth manner w/little to obvious no “home training”……

  • I believe the Beaver would not attack if his bodyguard wasn’t around… The bodyguard is a safety net. Beaver can act all bad, knowing the bodyguard will step in and save his bony ass. If anyone EVER needed his asss beat, it’s the Beaver. Can you imagin being this little assholes neighbor ?

  • Such a baby! He should look at photos of himself because next to that bodyguard he really looks like a baby . It’s as if that guy is his nanny. It’s so funny.

    • It’s the best picture EVER ! I think I’ll frame it and put it next to my bed so ever morning when I wake up, I can have a real good laugh !

  • Spitting on someone faces is just so NASTY. I can’t think of anyone spitting on my face. I think I would go nuts on a person. Disgusting on so many levels. What a snot nose brat.