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Rosario Dawson to the Rescue: ‘Rihanna Doesn’t Need To Be a Role Model’

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Rosario Dawson seems pretty chill. She’s had a steady stream of acting roles over the years and while she’s nothing special, she comes off as down-to-earth… and yeah, she’s pretty smokin’, as well. Since she’s doing the rounds to promote her new flick, Trance, she’s also giving interviews and sounding off on your standard fare – acting, the film’s plot and… Rihanna?

Talking to Bang Showbiz (via DigitalSpy), Dawson stuck up for the notoriously frowned upon ‘Rude Boy’ singer, saying pretty much what Rihanna herself as said (but a tad more eloquently): it’s not her responsibility to be a good role model if she doesn’t want to be.

“I don’t think individual women do have a responsibility [to set an example for others],” Dawson explained, reports Bang Showbiz.

She went on to explain: “Often they are working within a certain dynamic. Take Rihanna. To put all that responsibility on one woman is outrageous.

“I don’t think we should engage with that ‘should and shouldn’t do’, ‘should and shouldn’t wear’ and ‘should and shouldn’t look like’. We don’t do that with men.”

Here’s the thing: while I agree that a celebrity’s job is not to lead by example for whatever fans may or may not be looking up to/emulating them, I do generally do think one should use power in whatever sense for good. Then again, people should be smart enough not to do stupid things just because the stars might and if they’re kids, it’s up to the parents to enforce a particular lifestyle and restrict access to inappropriate shit, etc.

What do you think?

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  • Does anyone remember when Victoria Beckham wore a fake lip ring, then some stupid girls went out and got lip rings then went on television to complain when they found out Beckham’s lip ring was fake??? If “you know your child was raised by television…” was a joke like “you might be a redneck if…” these dumb girls would be the punch line. Whether or not Rihanna SHOULD be a role model is moot. Someone out there is using her as an excuse to excuse their own bad decisions, only Rihanna has enough mony/fame/handlers to clean up after herself.

    • Totally agree. I notice VB got called out to the point of complete national outrage but David never got called out as a bad role model to young boys when he repeatedly cheated on his wife with various women.

    • Agree100%….folks need to raise there own kids and be the role model…. and let the celebs be who they wanna be

    • I agree with Rosario. We do NOT KNOW her personally therefore; Rihanna nor other public figures should be our children’s role models.Ex. Bill Clinton was a well liked president, he cheated, No One Is Perfect. She is doing what I know A Lot of young adults do, especially college students. I know lots of college students who became very successful adults that drank, smoked, and did drugs. I have never indulged nor did I support drug use but it happens.

    • And, she is correct. We very rarely hear about men being role models.

      Robert Downey Jr., Billy Joel, Daniel Baldwin, David Bowie, Eminem, Elton John, Dick Van Dyke and so on.

      Pay attention to your children, form close relationships with them

  • *money

    (Is it wrong that when I read my spelling error, I yelled out “hey motherf***er, get laid, get f**ked” randomly and got caught by the boy and had to put two dollars in the swear jar?) (Oh my God, am I really THAT parent?)

  • Consider the show, “Jackass”, video games and princess fantasies that are pushed on little kiddies. No, she has no responsibility to be a role model. Ask Charlie Sheen and Justin Beiber. LOL

  • No celebrity has a responsiblity to be a good role model. But on the same note, they have to accept responsiblity for the influence they have on their fans; particularly if it results in any unintended consequences.

    CB may have changed and the only people who know about his relationship with Rihanna are the two of them.

    But if her getting back with him causes one of her fans to be begin to accept abuse from a partner repeatedly, then she has to accept some responsibility. Celebs these days need to stop pretending like their actions, and for musicians (lyrics), don’t have any kind of influence on their fans. That’s complete & utter bs.

    Emulation is the highest form of flattery & repetition is the easiest way to develop habits.

    • I dont agree with that. We have to accept responsibility for the things we do. Britney Spears had a huge following and look at the BAD things she did…. I have yet to hear that hundreds of young girls did drugs, or had there children taken away because of Britney’s bad habits.

      I do not agree with what CB did but, she forgave him and moved on, so should be. Women have been abused for centuries, a lot of times it starts at home. I know men and women who witnessed abuse in the home and they allowed the same from there husband or became abusers themselves,

  • I agree with you but you’re wrong when you said that she’ll have to accept some responsibility when her female fans gets abused from taking their men back. Rihanna can of course choose to be a good role model, and that would be great! but it’s not her responsibility. And at the end of the day, it’s their choice, not hers. I personally don’t like Rihanna as an artist but I just feel like she doesn’t have to limit herself, it’s just unfair and not right. And Rosario is right, we don’t do that to men..

  • In my honest opinion I feel like people really Need to stop sweeping stuff under the rug. True Rihanna or any celeb has no responsibility to teach, or be a role model of any sort. But, true these celebs need to understand what the word influence mean. The whole purpose for an entertainer is to entertain, I mean isn’t it true that’s how they make their money of the average joes right? We the people invest in them, we spend our hard earned money on their concerts, their albums and etc. While even we know that we not like or accept their way of living. So here’s what I suppose if we actually stop watching and spending our time with their carnival way of living then, maybe Rihanna would disappear and than we don’t have to put up with her sannagans. But I believe and I will say this people really need to stop entertaining the entertainer with our attention , because when you stop giving a fool your attention , a fool will stop being a fool.

    • Oh Rihanna is the ONLY entertainer with a history? You all need to STOP, Rock Bands have been doing drugs for centuries should they be held accountable as well?

  • And also, as much as I hate the fact that celebrities who make bad decisions, have such a big influence on everybody today, I guess we have to understand that they are not supposed to raise everybody’s children or be responsible for our decisions. They’re here simply to entertain us! so I think putting all the responsebility on them is totally wrong.

  • Listen..Celebrities,Singers,Stars are not role models. But there was a time that to be in the category you had to ACT RIGHT. If you didn’t. The Sponsors/Stations/Radio/Labels would drop you !! Now a days it’s like the more you act up the more money you make. Show your Privates= cha $$ ching..The more negative stuff is written about you the more covers you get. Stop buying,watching,listening to the ones who act up = they would have to clean there simple

  • Having read all these comments I am left to congratulate you all. However, it’s just so sad that nobody is paying attention to the truth. Why am I on this site? This is not my kind of interest but people are – young people, in particular. I see them and hear them everyday acting out the lyrics they listen to or being so thoroughly engaged in their icons lifestyle that learning becomes an afterthought. These celebrities need to take a more responsible approach to their profession and intelligently consider the outcome of their product.
    Technology makes it easy for anyone, regardless of age, to access media; hence the literature, music,movies, etc. that feed trash that is easy to chew on is what our young people with developing minds and no parental guidance, will easily gravitate towards. It is still the village – the global village – that raises the child. This is even more true today than ever when more parents are adolescents and with little support from family or the community. Their is no spiritual guidance for our young people. They have not got the chance to appreciate things spiritual except when tragedy strikes when some would dare to blame God not considering that they had eliminated Him from their affairs in the first place! The notion of righteous living is so remote that the young people do wrong (unaware,too) not simply because they want to but because of lack of clear parameters, thanks to our policies and media.
    Let the celebrities be wise and create their craft more intelligently and even responsibly. (We may even be able to reduce the number of pedophiles and prostitutes and most certainly increase the number of positive leaders)!

  • Unfortunately, as much as i would to to point out the all the ways, I think Rihanna is a horrible influence on the egos,who am I? I’m no better than anyone else, and she’s no better than me. No need for the scrutiny, just redemption, but death to the ego guys, love everyone, give with all your heart, to loved ones, friends, co-workers, and strangers. Life is not about acquiring wealth and material items, it’s about love and freedom.

  • Rihanna has actually eloquently and not so eloquently addressed this issue a number of times and the masses remain as clueless as ever. Remember when Chris Brown and Riri reconnected and made it official. Mostly female (Had to be) commentators all over had some kind of condemnation for Rihanna but no words for Chris. When the Grammy incident 2009 happened, No one that I recall called out Chris for being a terrible role model, to the millions of girls and boys who idolize him. Male Sports stars who are adored the world over by men, especially young boys are forever embroiled in some scandal or bad behaviour. These men often sail through whatever controversy but if they do get a hard time in the press it is rare that people say these idolized men are ‘Bad role models’.

    Rosario is absolutely correct in what she is saying. The fact that we don’t admonish male celebs the same way shows you what a misogynistic society will still live in.

  • But I do dislike Rihanna VERY MUCH! and I would be very thankful if she left the music industry and took her navy with her! She’s setting a horrible example for young women. Giving everyone this “bad bitch” image that she has created after being brutally attacked by her boyfriend who she took back by the way! It’s sad how she doesn’t understand that even though it’s not responsibility, she just doesn’t seem to understand that she has a huge influence on young women today, stupid young women… Rihanna is an embarrassment. Her music is horrible and she’s not very clever. I honestly don’t understand why everyone loves her so much. I personally believe that she’s not know for her musis, I think it’s because of her image. And people really Need to stop sweeping stuff under the rug! She gets away with EVERYTHING! just because it’s rihanna. In some crazy way it’s okay, because it’s rihanna! I am so tired of her and her stupid navy. UGH

    • This story is not about whether you like Rihanna or not. If she has influence over people it doesn’t mean she has to alter what she does or how she behaves. She is a grown woman!! People need to stop worshipping celebrities and stop following what they do. It’s beyond pathetic. Anyone who calls any famous person a ‘role model’ or looks up to a celebrity is a complete idiot.

  • Bottom line…positive influence should be in the home first no matter what…if a child is raised right under the direction of good parenting no matter of outside influence will bring them down….They will have that ability to look to their parents first….People blame television and stars but never quick to blame the parent who did not instill good morals and values in a child that will allow them to make decisions and just not follow the lead!

  • Welp if these parents today would spend more time being the Role Model their kid needs, then their kid wouldn’t be influenced by any & every Lil thing.

  • Nothing special?!?! This women is talented and super sexy. Hey post a pic Jen lets see how special you are because your work isn’t

  • She may not need the responsibility of taking on a role model but is too glorified. she isn’t of real talent. the fact that there are real voices out there, and we give the spotlight to people who know people, not because they have a gift, boggles my mind!

  • I trip off women who act like Rhi Rhi was wrong for going back to CB that is her choice you cannot stop love and the desires of the heart and she forgave him its possible that there is a reason she did could it be that she may have been whippin on him first and he reacted and things got out of hand…. In no way do i believe in a man beating a woman but fa real tho how many of you actually have been in a perfect relationship…. I’ll wait….. I know cuz u havent, be it physical emotional or mental you (woman) have all had some heart break by a man so no body is perfect ppl put way too much on stuff that they know at some time or another they have experienced smh as far as role models well i agree teach ur kids what you want them to learn but there is no way around life you cannot shelter them and cut them off from society then u turn them into serial killers smh but if you give them enough love and guidance the home they have some thing to mimic we cant depend on stars to raise our kids thats giving another human way too much power over our jobs……

  • Really? Celebrities arent role models?! who the fuck are we lyin to? Celebrities tell us how to dress, whats in, whats out, whats cool to say, whats cool not to say… Im not saying we should follow them to the pits of hell, but people do follow them, wholeheartedly! So lets not be in denial!