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Rihanna Doctor Says She’ll Probably Die If She Doesn’t Get Her Shit Together


Rihanna seems hell bent on doing stupid shit every day, killing all her remaining brain cells with copious amounts of weed, drinking heavily, never sleeping, staying in f-cked up relationships… the list goes on and on. After being stuck with laryngitis earlier this month and forced to cancel two dates on her Diamonds world tour, it seems RiRi’s doctor has given her a pretty serious wake-up call, revealing that if Chris Brown doesn’t kill her, her hard partying lifestyle probably will.

From Heat (via 4Music):

Medical experts have now reportedly warned the songstress to slow down her hectic schedule.

“Rihanna’s illness was so severe that doctors warned it could take months for her to fully recover – there were worries that she’d have to cancel her entire tour,” a source told Heat. “They’ve told her that she needs to make some serious lifestyle changes, or risk this happening again.

“This has given her a scare. But Rihanna knows it’s partly self-inflicted. She loves to smoke, drink and stay up late. Her body was bound to need a break at some point. She’s now on a mission to start looking after herself.”

Yeah, oooookay. The day Rihanna starts “looking after herself” is the day her career is over, since she’s built so much of it on this highly sexualised, pseudo-gangster nonsense that means nothing but ultimately sells records, apparently. I say that as a Rihanna fan, as well – I eat that bullshit up with a spoon. Doesn’t mean I don’t realise how silly – and ultimately harmful – it all is.

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  • While I don’t doubt that her doctors told her she needs to cool it with the party lifestyle for her health. Marijuana use isn’t going to kill her. Other drugs? sure. Alcohol? for sure. Pot? not so much.

  • You just said exactly what I was going to say. People who really think pot can kill you, NEED to be corrected. NO ONE has ever died from smoking too much. Go figure, you can drink yourself to death, but most states will put you in jail for a single joint. Time to legalize EVERYWHERE

  • Finally. I feel like now is the right time to put my Dutchness to use here :) No, weed will not kill you. It will knock you out for a few hours, make you laugh for a few hours as well, make you really REALLY hungry and it will prevent you from getting out of bed, even after a night of 14 hours of sleep. What it is also does is destroy all your braincells, make you forget the most simple shit and it will kill any motivation or passion you have. It’s a ‘fun’ drug for recreational use but the way Rihanna and a lot of other (rap-) artists use it, is very damaging for your brain. Weed is what I call a creeper drug, the addiction creeps up on you without you even noticing it. Ofcourse we can argue about the fact that not every individual is the same and that freedom should ensure that we all get to choose our own addictions (if that is what we want). Absolutely. I just want to point out that this ‘soft’-drug can cause just as much harm to your career and health like, say, heroine. A bit extreme maybe, but def. true. Nowadays with all the chemicals they add to the weed to make it stronger makes it kind of impossible to even call it a soft-drug. I keep hearing more stories from people/friends who are trying to kick the habit after years of use and the symptoms they have during ‘rehab’ are almost the same as when you’re letting go of the H. Extreme sweating, sleepless nights (because of weed you never reach REM-sleep at night so your dopamine levels get all messed up), hot ‘n cold fevers and no appetite while at the same time starving. I’m not trying to give weed a bad name neither am I trying to glorify it. These are just some facts. And I hate to admit… but I kinda love Rihanna as well. Even though her dumbassness annoys the crap out of me.

      • Well thank you my dear Sir/Madam. No, sometimes I just get carried away by the spasms of my fingers and the vomit of my thoughts. That’s all.

    • Weed is nothing like heroin addiction. And I mean nothing. I don’t do drugs but I do work in the legal field and have dealt with both kinds of abusers among countless others and have read many research articles. It is also not addictive. Not really, I think researchers found that of only 9% of people who smoke Marijuana become dependent on it. That’s not really indicative of an “addictive” drug. People can become addicted to anything. The only thing researchers have found is that if smoked while the brain is still developing (in like the teen years) there has been a correlation of having a worse memory. though that study was sketchy at best as it tested 59 subjects and right before a nationalized debate on Marijuana so take that as you will. so not the best but certainly not worse than alcohol effects and NOTHING like heroin. “Withdrawal” can be insomnia like you said or headaches but again nothing like heroin with the extreme sweating. You state that nowadays they are adding chemicals to weed to make it stronger. those “extra” chemicals can be addictive and hurt people and have bad withdrawal but pot in itself is not that bad. It is seen now as a “gateway” drug to harder drugs that can mess up your life, but I would strongly argue that the illicit nature of the drug and the social impact plays a big role in that. Once you learn who the drug dealers are and they start offering you other things many people say, well im already doing illegal drugs so why not and don’t realize the significance of how bad the other drugs are in comparison. I’m not saying Marijuana is good for you but it is no worse than Alcohol, I would argue its a better vice than alcohol in terms to side effects and potential harm to the community as well as yourself. Comparing it to Heroin is laughable.

      • Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I am not trying and will not try to change anyones opinion. Like I said, these were just the experiences of a group of people who live in a country where weed is legal. I think it’s time for researchers to do some more research now that weed here in Holland is becoming stronger every month. I am just a little bit confused when you say :“Withdrawal” can be insomnia like you said or headaches but again nothing like heroin with the extreme sweating.’ Do you mean that weed withdrawal does not make you sweat like heroine? Because if that is what you meant, then I would just like to say that it really, really does make you sweat. When I talk about sweating, I mean waking up (if you succeed to fall asleep for 20 restless minutes) 10 times a night and having to change your t-shirt every time because you feel and look like you’ve just left the sauna. And that goes on for at least 5 or 6 days. Some people even experience that for a longer period (that would be my definition of hell… I love sleeping). And sure, pot on it’s own is a product of nature and it won’t bring much harm to your health, I agree. But the fact that the product you buy is heavily processed does make the weed bad for your health and changes the original product from its effects.
        And as to comment on the part where you say: ‘Once you learn who the drug dealers are and they start offering you other things many people say, well im already doing illegal drugs so why not ‘. Again, I live in a country where weed is legal and people still use weed as step-up or ladder drug to hard drugs. So I don’t think it’s the being illegal part, I just think people want more extreme mind altering experiences. Man, I love discussing this stuff. Though I’m not going to comment anymore on this subject. This is not a drug forum :)

    • I think you may want to re-check some of your facts.

      First off weed is NOT addictive. Heavy users may experience dependency and some physical discomfort when they stop using, but that is NOT addiction and certainly nothing like heroin or alcohol addiction/withdrawal

      There will ALWAYS be people who will abuse substances – weed, alcohol, even food. There are also millions of people who use weed in a responsible way and suffer no ill effects.

      I have MS. I use weed (vaporizer or tincture) every night. I am also up at 6am every day to go to the gym for cardio & weights. I (luckily enough) never get the munchies and I have suffered no short- or long-term memory loss or any other loss of cognitive ability. If anything, my cognition is improved as I am able to get deep, restful sleep without being woken up by muscle spasms.

      You are entitled to your opinions regarding weed, but please, refrain from making sweeping statements and repeating “facts” that have long since been disproven.

      • Weed is mentally addictive. Dependency means you depend on something to give you a certain experience or feeling, right? I would call that an addiction.

  • So she was warned to curb her partying after she was diagnosed with laryngitis, yet she was FOUR HOURS late last week (presumably hung over or strung out from drugs) when she was to make an appearance at some high school. Yeah, it looks like she’s taking this warning really seriously!

  • Jennifer, you’re like a lot of people. YOu want it two ways at exactly the same time – by your own admission. I don’t care about her hard partying. She probably had gonorrhea of the throat anyhow. Her hard partying gives her no edge whatsoever. It killed Janis Joplin, robbing millions of the pleasure of hearing her in later years. That’s .. good? Nope. It’s BORING!

    Now, if she’s just fake reporting it and fake tweeting it and all that to add drama, well that, on the other hand, is just plain GENIUS.


  • people need to wake up, weed can kill, causes throat cancer, it is smoking, it is harmful to your lungs, heart, some have died choking on their own puke from weed, it is burning a leaf, and causing smoke inhalation, just like burning leaves in the woods

  • What a load of rubbish. She’s not going to DIE from smoking, drinking and staying up late as every other 20-whatever old does. She just had laryngitis. Everyone bagging it out, Rihanna, as a “stoner” has completed more in her life than most of us ever will, weed only makes you lazy if you let it. I went though a 2 year long pretty much every-day weed smoking binge in which i completed a degree, worked a full time job, and lost 15 kilos. Sure, it’s not GOOD for you but neither is eating McDonalds and lots of other things people choose to do with THEIR lives. What a load of overly-exaggerated crap.

    • Actually you can die from sleep deprivation, and many people have drank themselves to death. The weed alone wouldn’t kill her, but it sure as Hell can’t be helping if she’s generally treating her body like crap.

      • Of course you can lol but I think it would be much more apparent if rihanna was about to die of sleep deprivation, I don’t think she’d look very healthy. And I understand that but further to the point I have previously made, an obese person eating a Big Mac wouldn’t help their situation either. Would you go up to them and tell them to get a grip and tell them to go buy a salad? No you’d leave them to live their own life. I feel as though people are ignorant about this matter as they are told by the government etc. that smoking weed is horrible and terrible and illegal, im certainly not saying its GOOD for you, however you actually research it and form your own opinion regardless of what you’ve been told you’d probably realise that just because its illegal doesn’t make it any worse for you than plenty of legal habits people have.

      • I didn’t say smoking pot was worse than drinking or not sleeping. And no, I wouldn’t tell an obese person to change his/her diet because s/he is killing him/herself because I am not a doctor. However, doctors are SUPPOSED to tell people to alter their way of life if in their judgment it is going to send the person to an early grave. It was doctors who told Rhianna that she is abusing her body and that she should stop. I don’t think pot should be illegal if alcohol isn’t, but you are coming off like an overzealous pothead with no reading-comprehension skills.

      • Obviously her doctor is going to tell her to cool it, I wasn’t saying he shouldn’t, I was more so saying this post is probably very exaggerated and while I have no doubt he told her to slow down, I doubt he told her she’s going to DIE anytime soon. When I say “you” I of course don’t mean you personally, as i obviously have absolutely no idea who you are, I mean it as more of a general sense in regards to previous comments made in this post that my comments actually relate to, such as people saying things about how weed is sooo dangerous and will kill you. You have clearly misunderstood what i was getting at, as i may of also, however rather than posting rude, unnecessary comments insulting your reading comprehension skills i apologise that you misunderstood and will say I am done with this convo as I’m always happy to have a discussion, however I have no time in my life for nastiness on the internet :)

  • People die MUCH more often from cancer from smoking tobacco, a LEGAL drug, and people have also died from choking on their drinks of water rendering your second point invalid. Fast food is unhealthy, cars can kill you, so can swimming in the ocean and taking perscription medication. Doesn’t mean people need to “wake up” and stop doing these things if they enjoy it. It’s their life and who are you to judge. Rihanna is clearly in great shape, she’s a multi-millionaire and an international superstar. I’d say she’s doing okay so who cares if she wants to smoke a jay at the end of the day.

  • the farce that weed is safe is bull, smoking is smoking all the health risk from cigs, is the same with weed , but worse,, they arent using filters on weed

    • What studies are you basing this information off? With one simple google search you will find that the information you are providing is very irrelevent. While the filter thing is somewhat true, it doesn’t make that much of a difference, not to mention the fact weed is able to be smoked in several different ways, including a bong and a vaporizer which absolutley filters the smoke, more so than a bit of cotton at the end of a ciggarette. I’d say the fact marijuana buds contain only 33% as much tar as tobacco is more relevent, and the fact cannabis, unlike tobacco does not cause any narrowing of the small air passageways in the lungs. I didn’t say it was SAFE, however it would be a very boring life if every decision we made in life was from a safety perspective, and I don’t feel as though it’s any more UNsafe than say, someone who is overweight and eats unhealthy food and smokes ciggarettes every day. I feel as though you have not researched the matter at all and are just adhereing to what you’ve been brainwashed to think. Please do some research, as I have, before spouting these “facts” again.

  • Reality, do you get your “facts” from faux news? EVERY single thing you have said about weed has been all wrong. I bet you’re one of those rednecks that drinks, and drinks, and drinks. I rather smoke a bowl and feel just fine the next morning, where drunks wake up feeling like shit, and hungover. I bet you even believe people who smoke green need rehab. Green IS NOT a gateway drug. People just need to mind their own business and stop playing all high and mighty.

  • Maybe the reason for the extreme warning is that she’s probably not just on marijuana and booze. She probably was prescribed something to manage her depression and Chris loves ecstasy and coke. She’s probably moved up in her drug choices.