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Pete From Mad Men Got Engaged To Rory Gilmore

rory gilmore mad men

Vincent Kartheiser, most well-known for his role as Pete in Mad Men, got engaged to Alexis Bledel, best known for her role as Rory Gilmore in Gilmore Girls, The Washington Post confirms. I totally forgot that they did a handful of Mad Men episodes together, probably because their story line was f-cking terrible. Kartheiser is 33 and Bledel is 31 and this is their first marriage. Woohoo to both. (Not sarcasm.)

In May of 2012, Ms. Bledel gave an interview about her scenes with Mr. Kartheiser (via Huffington Post),

He’s light and funny and has lots of energy on set. He keeps everybody energized as well. Very, very different than Pete. I was really nervous [about our sex scene]. [Vincent] noticed, and made it much better for me by just sort of making sure I felt comfortable. He kind of helped me take the edge off a little bit just by being nice.

Guess the scene went really, really well.

Mad Men comes back April 7 on AMC.


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