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George Clooney’s Not Ready to Get Married and Stacy Keibler Is Surprised By This

george clooney stacy keibler

George Clooney may or may not have called it quits with his latest conquest Stacy Keibler, but it’s not looking good for the pair. If there’s one thing all humans know by now, it’s that the Silver Fox will never settle down and put a ring on it. There’s nothing you can to do change a bro who feels that way, and there’s no “right woman” that’s going to change his mind. According to a new story from The Sun (via DigitalSpy), however, all of this came as a surprise to Stacy, who only just realised she wasn’t going to be walking down the aisle and popping out any mini Clooneys anytime soon.

“They knew it was never going to end in marriage or babies and Stacy does want kids and a husband in the next few years,” The Sun reports the source as saying.

Clooney eased the blow of the break-up by purchasing an apartment for Keibler and lavishing her with expensive jewels, according to the informant.

Really? He broke up with her by… buying her jewellery and a new place to live? Huh. If only that was standard break-up treatment! Who knows if any of this is true, but to give Stacy some credit here, it’s shit that once again the press makes it the woman’s issue – she so desperately wants a wedding ring and babies that she just can’t bear to stay with him anymore, because how else can a lady find fulfillment these days without belonging to a man and having his offspring? Who knows, maybe she did want that, but unless he found her under a rock, something tells me she wasn’t clueless about George’s refusal to “settle down”.

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  • The more I hear of Clooney’s stance on marriage, the more I want to have lunch with Talia Balsam.

  • george look very older sometime man now with all young model girl change every day. some girl look so young it look very wrong.

  • I think a lot of women (and some men, no doubt) are desperate for marriage and children, whether that’s because they really want it, or they think they really want it because we women have been conditioned to believe that that a good life makes. It just depends on the woman and how honest she is with herself.

    I wish more women had the nerve to not marry or not procreate. Actually, I really wish a lot of people, in general, would stop procreating. For various reasons, many people suck as parents.

  • Most people, male and female, are looking for a permanent life partner and believe that is one of the keys to a happy life. That blurb didn’t blame anyone. It stated the facts. Someone who was in a relationship with Clooney had a need that he was once again unwilling to fulfill. The irony is that Clooney himself is probably not happy with who he is. Why else would have taken on that role in Up in the Air? That character is basically the person everyone has suspected he is for years. The sad truth is that he is more afraid of admitting to needing someone than of dying alone.

    • I’m with you. He doesn’t have to give a good-bye present, by the way. And, if she didn’t know what everyone else on earth knows about George, then she’s been living in a cave for the past decade or so or she can’t read. The truth is she is probably one of those poor deluded chicks that thinks “He’ll change.” or worse “I can change him.”