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Boo Hoo: Jude Law Isn’t Really a Womanizer And You Shouldn’t Call Him One

jude law

Jude Law hasn’t been interesting to me in… well, he was never interesting. But in order to cling to the spotlight, he’s decided to go about 10 years in the past and bring up the fact that he was vilified in the press for cheating on former fiancée Sienna Miller with his children‘s nanny, claiming that he’s been treated unfairly and that reports about him being a total asshole womanizer in the press have been “horrible” and “boring”.

From ShortList:

“I don’t really want to get into this,” he says, “but in this country certain parts of the media have written things, sometimes true, mostly untrue, about me that have portrayed me in a certain way. People assume that I’ll be like that. You have to separate it and say, ‘Well I know it’s not me’. You learn to live with this dichotomy of who you are and who they’re saying you are. But that period was horrible. It was just boring. Boring, shallow and infuriating, because I couldn’t get my revenge.”

Does he think his celebrity ever overshadowed his work?

“I think it managed to for a little while, unfortunately. I was dragged, kicking and screaming, into the swamp, the mire. To me it’s the shallowest form of judgement and analysis. I’m not interested in gutter-sniping; there’s too much good stuff going on. I was hoping to contribute to the good stuff and I felt as though I was suddenly pulled into this level of nonsense. I realised quickly I’d have to keep my head down and hope that the work would win out. It seems to have so far.”

First of all, you didn’t get shit half as bad as Sienna Miller has. She’s been called a whore, a homewrecker and a million other names under the sun. You got a few ugly candid photos on the front of some British newspapers for a while and women still fawn over you (for some unknown reason), so I don’t really want to hear about that.

Second of all, you’d better be glad that nonsense put you in the press at all, as your movies are nothing to call home about. I mean, I love The Holiday and I watch it every year and cry my eyes out, but that’s mostly just for Kate Winslet, to be honest. No one likes a whiner, Jude.

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  • I’d be happy as a pig in poop if I was Jude Law. He can score with bunches and bunches of women. The only women who will avoid him are the women who are looking for a relationship. Given that he’s considered a hottie, rolling in bucks, got a great career and can pick a choose from a zillion groupies and gold-diggers, that shouldn’t be too much of a sacrifice.

  • Before cheating on Sienna with the nanny he was cheating WITH Sienna on his wife and mother of his children Sadie. They are both a steaming hot bad of dicks that deserve all the ridicule the received plus some.

  • You’re a judgmental bitch, Jennifer, the very model of the people he talked about. Who the hell are you to put him down? You don’t even know him, you evil frustrated gossip-monger!

  • He’s gorgeous and famous so of course he likes women. WHY WOULDN’T HE???? Seriously, he has every right to be the way he is. He’s earned it. He acts no different than any other guy out there if they too could have any woman they wanted. Why is this a headline? I’m not making light of cheating by any means. But this is Judes journey so let him fall and learn just like we ALL DO with our own mistakes without judgement.