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Justin Bieber’s On London’s Shit List After Turning Up To His Own Concert Two Hours Late

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Justin Bieber‘s panties – sorry, knickers – have been in a twist since he’s been in London, especially since the city was solely responsible for putting a stop to his underage circus party last week. Like any toddler, he was bound to throw a fit in retaliation, and that came in the form of showing up two hours late for his concert at London’s O2 arena last night. Needless to say, fans – and, you know, their parents – are none too pleased. To make matters worse, he didn’t even bother to apologise once he got on stage. RUDE!

Is Justin the first artist ever to show up late for his show? No, of course not. But two hours is excessive, especially when you know right well that most people in attendance are children who have school the next morning and their parents who have brought them there. It’s also a hardship for the O2 staff, who had to deal with an unruly crowd and the daunting task of getting a 25,000 capacity venue emptied in 25 minutes in order to make the last departing train. Sounds like fun for everyone!

Needless to say, many parents and journalists took to Twitter to voice their annoyance with this little shithead:

What a disaster, but to be expected from an unruly child. Newsflash, asshole: your ego will cost you bigtime, and that 15 minutes of fame that’s due to expire soon is going to come to an even quicker halt if you keep this up. I know you think you’re a thug now, but what you really need is a spanking and to be sent to bed without supper. Maybe that’ll teach you.

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  • That’s bad – as a Londoner all last trains leave around midnight, and from the O2 one needs to leave about 30 minutes before because of the walk to the station + ‘crowd control’ which happens at every gig (1000s of people wanting to get through one entrance at the tube). Rule number 1 in London Music Promotion is ALWAYS end the gig before the last train.

    I feel sorry for the kids, I remember how it was to idolize some stupid celebrity and being disappointed.

  • It really winds me up when singers/bands do this. They put their huge egos before their fans and actual practicalities. Getting the last train home from London is always a bitch, even if the gig starts and ends on time. He forgets that for some of these kids, they might’ve been waiting months to see their idol, who’s just gone and shown how little he cares about them.

    What a selfish prick.

  • The boy is a twit. Hanging out with 14 year olds… Immature and annoying. Selena Gomez was smart for getting out while the getting was good…