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Justin Bieber Wears A Stupid Outfit; Blames It On A Dare

justin bieber hat dare belieber

Justin Bieber looked really stupid today. But like, especially stupid. He wore an outfit something Kreayshawn would wear. Because some dude named Ryan dared him to.

Ryan said you won’t go out in that, I said watch me […] Haha, too colorful. Next time I’m gonna wear a black hat

Effing poetry right there. The hat was apparently given to him by a fan, AKA, “A Belieber.” That’s kind of nice actually, I think it’s cool he did that. Although by wearing it and joking about it is he making fun of it?

It’s still not as bad as what Kim Kardashian wore  a few days ago, and that was by her own choice.

If you’d like to see more angles of Mr. Bieber’s stupid outfit, you can check out this photo on his Instagram.

This begs the question though: who, then, dared him to wear this outfit for meeting the Prime Minister of Canada?

canadian prime minister justin bieber overalls

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