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Bradley Cooper Doesn’t Give a Shit About Awards Since Watching His Dad Die

Damn, shit just got dark with Bradley Cooper. Despite being one of Hollywood’s most bankable actors and having been nominated for an Oscar for his work in Silver Linings Playbook, he’s not really all that phased by it because fame and fortune and all that don’t really matter when you’ve watched your own father pass away.

From GQ (via Metro):

The Silver Linings Playbook star said the idea of death haunts him and gives him confidence in equal measure after he nursed his stockbroker dad, Charles J Cooper, through his battle with lung cancer before he died at age 71 two years ago.

‘Death became very real. And very tangible. Because my father – someone who had been in my life for 36 years is just f***ing gone,’ Cooper recalls.

‘I watched him dying and I was there by his bed watching him, breathing with him, and then I saw his last breath and he was gone. I experienced the whole thing. And that was a watershed moment that I was privileged to experience. And it changed everything. Nothing has ever been the same since.’

Damn. I can’t even say anything to that. Having lost family members myself to cancer (as is unfortunately an all-too-common story, these days), I can agree that it’s a devastating situation and puts shit into perspective in life. I think I like Bradley Cooper a little more, now.

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  • I can sympathize with Bradley, that is a life changing experience! He’s a good son as I have seen him with his mom lately and that speaks volumes.

    Blessings to Bradley and his mom!

  • I can sympathize with Bradley. I watched my father for 6wks in the hospital slowly die from a rare form of Meningitus in his brain & was there everyday until his last breath. That was 3yrs ago & like Bradley said nothing has been the same since. But you have to go on knowing that your loved one is still with you in your memory & heart. Hang in there Coop!

    • I also hate cancer more then I can tell you :( in a long 30 years I watched my poor aunt suffer from over 5 different forms of cancer :( once they said she was in remission from one then a few years later another one would pop up ! That poor women lived in fear every day of her life ! I would never say death is a good thing but she did pass away a year and a half ago and it was kind of a blessing not to see her sick ,suffering and going through those terrible treatments ! No one should ever have to go through that ,it is a terrible death and now she is finally resting in peace ! Now the people that love her suffer everyday living without her ! R.I.P. my sweet angel aunt Diane ! Miss you everyday !

  • Any near-death experience changes you. Some years ago I was very very sick, a disease most people die of, and it changed my life. I don’t blame him, he’s got a very good point. I still don’t like his acting, though.