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Lindsay Lohan Will Need This ‘Anger Management’ Gig to Pay Her Taxes

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Okay, this whole Lindsay Lohan/Charlie Sheen thing is getting a bit out of hand, don’t you think? First he gives her $100,000 to pay off some back taxes, then he buys her a gala dress (which she cut to shreds, of course) and now she’s going to play herself in an upcoming episode of Sheen’s FX series, Anger Management. She’ll apparently be romancing his character in the show after becoming his therapy patient. Sounds nauseating.

In any case, the role is coming just in time, because no sooner did Lindsay pay off that $100k than she was hit with a whole new bill for unpaid taxes, this time to the tune of $56,717.90 for the year of 2011 (via TMZ). There’s also some talk about $140,203.30 being owed for 2010, but who even knows anymore. She’s broke, she’s desperate and she’s hanging out with Charlie Sheen. I think we’re done here.

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  • Ugh. He needs to stop propping her up. She’ll never get better if she doesn’t hit rock bottom (and yes, she’s hit what most of us would have considered rock bottom time and time again, but clearly there’s lower she could go).

  • Ah, old man with fake tooth and chipmunk cheeks reunite, oh joy. Peas in a pod, two of the biggest attention whores in the biz.

  • How could she possibly play herself? If she isn’t playing a coke-snorting booze-hound hooker, she’s technically acting. She thinks that anything that is an accurate portrayal of her character is an attack on it, because she is THAT delusional. These kids… Two peas in a whore-pod.