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This is What Lindsay Looked Like in Court Today

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I know, guys. I know. Three Lindsay Lohan posts in one single day is most definitely excessive, but I’ve got an explanation or two to throw at you! One—tomorrow is my very last day on Evil Beet Gossip. It’s the very last time(s) that I’ll be able to write about Lindsay Lohan for Evil Beet Gossip. Lindsay Lohan is like the f-cking mascot of Evil Beet Gossip. There’s lots and lots of sentimental feelings to be had over this whole thing, and Lindsay Lohan is, for once, at the center of them.

The second reason? Well, because today was a big day for Lindsay Lohan! Yes, Lindsay Lohan jetted straight across the United States from New York City to Los Angeles all in a few hours, got turned away from a bunch of swanky hotels, only to find herself looking … well, like that ^^ for her court hearing today. Ain’t she purty, y’all?

Also, if you were wondering how she fared in court, it’s just this: she’s not going to jail. For now. I mean, I’m sure ever, too, but it’s certain that she’s not going anywhere for at least the next thirty days. Nope, Lindsay isn’t due back in court until March 1st to determine if this thing is going to go to trial, and if it does, that’s not going to be ’til March 18th. Lindsay’s not required to show at the March 1st hearing, but she positively must be present at the 18ths, no ifs, ands or buts.

Needless to say, the judge wasn’t happy with Lindsay and, in fact, the judge wasn’t happy with Lindsay’s new lawyer, either, Mark Heller. At one point during the proceedings, Heller attempted to make small talk with the judge about their mutual hometown of New York City, to which Judge Sautner responded, “Flattery doesn’t get you anywhere in this court.” Simple enough, right? She shut him down right quick. Why can’t she do the same to Lindsay?

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  • Her eyes look wide and glassy. The judge sounds like she might be the no bullshit type. I wouldn’t get my hopes up to high if I were Lindsay Lohan.

  • I had to question myself as to why I wasted my time watching her this morning in court and I am embarrassed I follow this crap but that being said, it is very entertaining in a funhouse sort of sad way. Her lawyer, the guy who use to hang with her father and Jon Gosselin, is a complete fool, exactly what Lindsay deserves at this point. She needs to take some of that filler from her duck lips and insert it into her forehead.

  • Three LL posts in one day *is* excessive. However, I (for one) am going to miss you terribly, Sarah…

  • thank god you’re finally leaving this website, it’s about time! evilbeet was good once upon a time and you were a rather big part of it just getting worse, hoorah! Bye-bye!

  • Her neck is starting to look really ropey, ( not that the rest is much better) but you gotta use a good moisturizer on your neck, it’s the first place to age! But WE all know that already, right? Best of luck to you and Emily, Sarah. You will be missed. May the road rise before you and many other Irishisms…
    Slan go foill!

  • I misread she “fared” and thought I saw she “farted”. That would have been funny – if Linds had a gas issue in court….with that look on her face – “Who me? Fart? What?”

    I’ll miss you. You’re very funny. May all your ventures be successful!