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Also, Lindsay and Dina Couldn’t Get a Hotel Room Last Night Because They’re Dirty

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Well, I don’t exactly know if it’s because they’re dirty, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that’s the case.

From TMZ:

It was a rough night for Lindsay Lohan and mama Dina …. first, flying to L.A. to dodge an arrest warrant and landing after midnight …. then getting rejected by a swanky hotel … and TMZ has learned they were BLACKBALLED.

Lindsay and Dina showed up at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica (see video) at around 1 AM Wednesday. Lindsay stayed in the car while Dina went inside to check in, but she was unceremoniously turned away. Sources at Shutters tell TMZ they put Lindsay on a blacklist after she allegedly trashed one of their rooms in 2007.

Lindsay and Dina then went up the road a piece, to the Loews Hotel where they were also turned away. Management tells TMZ … there were no rooms available.

First of all, turned away by Shutters on hearing-eve? I don’t know if any of you guys have ever been there, but Shutters, undeniably a really great resort, only charges a mere $2400.00 a night for an ocean view suite, which, to me, is a lot of money to be spending in one night, but to a celebrity who’s got disposable cash and assets? A f-cking drop in the bucket. For Lindsay, though? Like me, it’s also a lot of money to be spending in one night, especially when it one night in the suite amounts to a quarter of a month’s rent—which Lindsay still can’t pay. It’s no wonder she was turned away—I doubt that it really had anything to do with a prior room-trash (because duh, that was totally six years ago when Lindsay was young and stupid and … oh wait), and I’m sure it had all to do with the fact that Lindsay’s worth nothing these days. That seems like a good assumption to make. Or at least a fun one, anyway.

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