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Love It or Leave It: Anne Hathaway Again

photo of anne hathaway pictures
I’m going to grudgingly admit that I love this dress. I love the colors with her stupid, gorgeous, milky complexion, and I really like the stupid, flattering gladiator heels that she paired with said dress. It’s really, really nice, actually, and I hate myself more than just a little bit for liking it, because Anne Hathaway is so damn smug that she knew that she’d be a hit in this frock, and she’s probably not even self-effacing about it. Bitchface.

Anne Hathaway’s getup—love it or leave it?


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  • Can you just stop it with bashing Anne Hathaway? It becomes really gross to see women hating on women because they are successful. I mean, she’s “smug” because she’s currently at the peak of an actress’ career, and she’s enjoying it. Let’s try to celebrate success (not only for actresses, but for all women) and end this idiotic cycle of jealousy and cattiness that accompanies any other woman’s success. We’re just pulling each other down.

    • At least let’s bash her when she does someone to deserve it, like flashing her vadge or correcting the spelling of her name when she should just graciously say ‘thank you’. But I can’t get behind bashing her because she is wearing a pretty dress. Sorry but that is just pathetic and childish and lame. So I agree with ekekekek on this.

  • She looks bangin’ with cake-up, but without it? Oh, dear… Still, very nice bod and great style always. She ain’t goin’ nowhere sitting there on her toppermost poppermost perch.

  • I don’t like the hair slicked back. Go spiky or something. This is a fugly way to style lovely short hair.

    • Yeah. I’m with you on this.

      What’s up with the back? It seems like it has a slack-y back or something and should be fitted.

      I don’t think that is a cape.

      The fit is just odd.

      I like the material though.

      • Maybe she is going for a new signature look, like Gwen Stefani has her red lipstick, and Kate Hudson is boho chic, Anne Hathaway is rocking the weird cape-thing. This is the second cape-thing we`ve seen here on her recently, isn`t it?