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Anne Hathaway Is Already Writing Her Oscars Speech

A photo of Anne Hathaway

Let me kick this off by mentioning that this story is from Star magazine. If you didn’t know, a lot of things that Star prints are not true. But some of them are! And I think that this story is one of the true things. At least a little.

Anne Hathaway really, really wants that Oscar for Les Miserables. We already know that. And even though she did a phenomenal job in the movie, and even though she definitely deserves it, I think she’s going a little far with her campaigning.

The story is that she is working with a team of writers so that her acceptance speech will be perfect. Oh, and that she’s turned her New York apartment into her “rehearsal stage,” where she runs through her speech, tries on a variety of dresses, and practices her red carpet interviews. And while that does seem a little crazy, is it too crazy for Anne?

According to Anne’s rep, yes, yes it is:

“It’s all rubbish. She has not practiced a speech nor is she working with a team of writers. It’s all 100 percent fabricated. Also, she hasn’t been back to New York for the past two weeks and probably won’t be there before Oscars, so it’s beyond ridiculous to suggest she turned her NY apartment into a rehearsal space.”

I don’t know, I think part of this story is true. I think she’s definitely started working on her speech already, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she hired writers to help. Even rehearsing the speech sounds plausible, and it certainly wouldn’t be crazy if she’s already started looking for the right dress. But something about her rehearsing interviews just crosses the line for me. Something about that just takes the whole thing to the next level.

But what do you think Anne Hathaway is doing right now?

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  • she’s practicing her whole damn speech.. her cry, EVERYTHING. Her Oscar ‘pity me because I’m SO unworthy’ campaign is annoying. I liked he before all this.. now, I can’t stand her.

  • I USED to really respect this girl before all this. I’m betting she is practicing her speech and interviews every waking moment. Feel sorry for whoever has to endure her until then and maybe a little bit after.

  • come on! why is there so much hate towards anne. just went to see les miserables and it was increisiblw, her acting was superb. she so deserves all the awards she will win because of her acting. focus on that instead of grasping at straws and giving her bitch traits which no one knows are true or not.