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Chris Dumps Rihanna for Karrueche Tran Vol. 2.9

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From Hollywood Life:

Chris Brown laid a kiss on Karrueche Tran at The Room in Santa Monica on Jan. 23, where Karrueche, 24, was celebrating her new cover on Rolling Out magazine, so we can’t blame Rihanna if she’s really planning on moving on and letting go of Chris.

Rihanna, 24, retweeted a friend’s message on Jan. 24, one day after Karrueche’s event, that said, “Life doesn’t stop for anybody. People move on, they change and they let go, they grow and eventually they forget and pass on.” Is she talking about moving on from Chris?

Chris, 23, made a surprise appearance at The Room in Santa Monica on Jan. 23, where Karrueche was celebrating her new cover on Rolling Out magazine. And no one could have been happier than Karreuche, who has learned still hopes to get back together with Chris.

Luckily for Karrueche, we’re told that Chris gave her a kiss at the event.

“He came in through a back door, made her come back to where he was and told her ‘I’m proud of you girl’ and kissed her on her cheek,” a friend tells exclusively. “He even told her ‘I gotta leave because this don’t about me it’s about you so go do your thang.’”

I don’t know about you guys, but I just love it when the man in my life lets me have the spotlight for important events in my life, like taking a new job, or accepting some kind of award, or even doing number two in the potty all by myself. It just makes me feel so good when certain things can just be about me, and no one else, and there’s no better way to encircle my heart with golden, effervescent light than to tell me to “go do [my] thang.”

Eloquence, guys. Chris Brown‘s got that shit on lockdown.

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    • Agreed. Use Adblock Plus Ad blocker, and get the updated definitions. Then you defeat the purpose and hope of income that the ingrates who run this site want to drain from your wallet and into theirs. That sort of makes me feel gooooood…. And it minimizes my annoyance and mazimizes my gossip reading pleasure.

  • There comes a point where people are SO stupid in their relationships that you can no longer work up concern about whether they are putting themselves in harm’s way or not. You have to drop it and walk away. I am there with the whole Rihanna/Chris/Karrueche thing. I think at this point, I’d be there even if they were people I really knew and not just people I read about.

  • This is so sad. I know your jobs are reliant on celeb news, but my god, every time I see a headline with her and Chris Brown in it, I just feel so….I feel that way you feel when you see someone you went to highschool with is in the newspaper for hardcore drug charges. You know what I mean? It’s just that sinking feeling.