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Miley’s Got Another New Small Dog!

photo of miley cyrus pictures
From Twitter:

Bean is a little girl. She is a chihuahua mix of some type :) she brought so much sunshine!!! I love my little bean so much.

So, OK. Miley‘s got a new pet, which is unsurprising, because Miley loves her pets and maybe—maybe—tries to keep a quota on how many she has at a given time. Needless to say, she’s recently had an unfortunate opening occur in her canine family, so she’s got Bean, now, and gosh, isn’t that little doggie cute? Maybe, you know, the cutest little doggie ever?

Congrats to the newly-expanded family!

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  • Does she still live in Southern California? The limit here is 3 dogs, I wonder how she and P Hilton get away with having so many dogs when animal control is breathing down the necks of non celebs who try to have more than 3 dogs.

  • I’m honestly beginning to wonder if she has a problem with animal hoarding. I know she has the money to care for them and what not but she seems to be… Collecting animal companions. She had to immediately replace her dog that died when she has numerous other dogs already living with her? I’m a god lover, I worked at the Humane Society for several years, it just seems like unhealthy and impulsive behavior.