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Jessica Simpson Wants You to Know She Looks Like This Now

photo of jessica simpson pictures tweet baby bump pic
The Twitter caption?:

Bumpin’ and proud

So what are we guessing here, four months pregnant? Three? I know that pregnant ladies who were pregnant almost immediately prior to becoming pregnant again sometimes have that extra-big, extra-early belly happening (I mean, even Jess’s boobs might be pregnant this time around), but I don’t really think that Jess could be any further than four months, if even three.

Either way, she does look pretty great. I wonder how things are going to turn out in the end for her, and if Weight Watchers is going to put her back in cuffs and shackles the moment her new baby is born, you know? So many things to consider here, guys.

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  • Congrats Jess u r one of the most beautiful women in the world and u only get more gorgeous ! I wish u and your family only the best !!!!

  • It’s always hard to tell with baby bumps, because some people don’t show at all until five months or more, while others start popping right away. But I’d guess about four months – I’m at five months and my bump’s about the same size, but I’ve heard that the belly gets bigger sooner with successive pregnancies, so I’m factoring that in…And yes, I really want to motorboat them boobies…

  • Hell, she could be 2 or 3 months, depending on the gross tonage of buttered pop-tarts and slutty brownies she’s been wolfing down. And, in what laughingly passes for her “mind”, if she keeps gettin’ knocked-up she’ll never have to honor that pesky Weight Watchers deal.

  • She always makes such stupid faces. It looks like her stomach is bigger than her tits are…and her tits are massive and stick out pretty far. Therefore her stomach must stick out even further than her tits……I forgot where I was going with this…TITS

      • All the gals I nailed who had boyfriends afterwards (that would be ALL of them) complained the next guy down the line was too small. So, think what you will. I don’t boast length. But girth, yes. It drives the girls wild. Meanwhile, go back to your “women’s studies”.

  • I think Jess is so cute .
    I would rather see her babybump than these skanky actresses that show their cookie every chance they get .

  • I don’t think she did anything to try to weasel out of her contract — she looks great otherwise, beyond the obvious pregnancy. I think she really was working to get back in shape. Pregnancies aren’t always planned, even on the rich side of town :)

  • I guess she felt Ashlee was getting too much attention? And what’s with the stupid duck lips?

    To be honest, I was this huge when I was already 9 months pregnant and about to deliver. Why is she so massive already if she is only 2-3 months along?