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Hey Selma Blair, Why Don’t You Come Over My House and I’ll Make You a Sandwich, Huh?

photo of selma blair pictures skinny anorexia pic
Poor, poor Selma Blair, guys. I don’t even know what to say about her anymore except maybe “Holy shit, her xiphoid process just fell out.”

As you can see up top, Selma Blair is out and about with her sixteen-month-old son and she’s looking … well, let’s be honest, here: she looks like a piece of crap de-boned and then re-boned. By a visually impaired person who’s used to doing taxidermy on mollusks—badly. To someone who doesn’t know Selma Blair’s history, she just looks like a new mom whose maybe gone off the deep end a little bit while trying to lose that last five or seven pounds of baby weight. It happens, and you have to catch it quick before it goes from bad to worse, but to people who know Selma Blair’s history? Well, this could be a warning sign of things to come.

See, back in the day, Selma had some issues that required her to stay in rehab for a little while, and while she gave rehab the old college try (she was treated for a total of thirty days) sources close to Selma said that thirty days wasn’t near enough to address the issues that she’s allegedly had for years.

I hope for the sake of that little boy that she’s taking good care of herself, because even if she’s a stellar mom, which I’m sure she is, it’s still one of the most important things to be a healthy stellar mom.

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  • Cannot tell wtf she’s going through, but dang, I wish her all the best – such a talent. One of my favorites.

  • This is so sad :) I wish she could read this ! My cousin had an eating disorder because one of her three sister thought her shit didn’t stink and she always made fun of her little sister and told her if she wanted to look like her she had to lose weight and she did every way she could throwing up , laxatives , not eating for weeks at a time and she still thought she wasn’t good enough and became very depressed so she turned to prescription drugs while needless to she her body became so weak that it just shut down and she died at 30 and left behind a young son :( no matter how many people told her she was beautiful it only took one sister to tell her she was fat and change her live forever ! That sister change the whole families lives because now we don’t have her and by the way she was never fat her highest weight was 130 and when she died she was less then 100 :( no one body is meant to be that thin and survive ! It’s only time before it just stops working :( she went through hell for along time just because she thought she wasn’t good enough or pretty enough ! Very sad ! She was at least 5’6″ she should have weighted at least 130 !

  • Hopefully someone close to her will step in … you are correct no matter how good a Mom she is if she isn’t here for the child in years to come that won’t count.
    Always like her work.