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Lindsay’s Lips are on the Verge of Exploding

photo of lindsay lohan lips party pictures
But it’s OK, really, because Lindsay‘s wearing that mad sweet eye makeup that tries to detract from the fact that her pupils don’t even exist anymore, so who’s really paying any attention to her lips whatsoever?

Truth be told, I am. It looks like they’re bursting at the seams. It looks like there’s even a part cracking and flaking off up near the corner of her mouth. Truth be told, it looks like Lindsay’s got shit on her lip that’s got shit on its lip. But alas, this is Lindsay Lohan today, and that face seems like it changes on the regular, which is why I feel it’s pretty important to continuously document it for you all to witness the gradual deterioration of a once-beautiful face.

It’s not like there’s anything else to do when it comes to talking about Lindsay Lohan.

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  • Who and what is Samantha? Never mind I don’t want to know and I don’t want to hear about your site on every story either. Get your own blog.

  • herp sore, orrrrr needle prick point? whatever the case…i always feel like i need a shower or 10 after looking at her.