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Demi Moore is Probably Definitely Doing Whip-Its Again

So hey! The photo above, as well as the rest in the gallery? Well. They show Demi Moore acting all crazy at the Chanel Beachside Barbecue last night, and when she wasn’t too busy spreading her legs and chair-dancing, she was eating her hair. And hanging all over a mostly-embarrassed-looking Lenny Kravitz. And possessing the largest pupils known to man.

Take this photo, for example:

photo of demi moore ass dancing pictures chanel bbq pic
I .. what even is this? I’ll tell you what this is—this is Demi Moore, being a hot-ass mess and not caring that she was going to be professionally photographed, by a professional photographer, and not some buck-toothed, undercover mole with a camera on their iPhone. And that’s some bizarre shit right there, guys. I’d ask “Who intentionally wants people to see them like this?” but I’m afraid you know the answer just as well as I.

[Images removed on request]

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  • So sad. Let in shambles by a total douche. It kind of looks like maybe she’s the only one hearing the music (and snapping A LOT)? Poor thing, she is such a beautiful woman for her age – she would be even more beautiful if she were to be doing something age-appropriate. And, hey, we’re all allowed to tie one on every now & again, but this is a lady with a substance abuse problem.

  • So sad. Sorry, I see somebody stated that already — but it can’t be reiterated enough times. Poor Demi is not able to accept the the fact that she’s not 22 anymore and thinks the only way to retain her youth by making a fool out of herself.

  • I swear you can see cooch in the pictures where she is holding that glass plate in her lap.

    Really she is very pretty and looks reasonably fit. But no matter how rockin’, it doesn’t mean she should still be borrowing clothes from her daughters.

  • Christ, grow up Demi. You have children in their 20’s who don’t have pictures like this coming out all the time. How embarrassing for them.

  • As pitiful as this is, the look on Kravitz’s face is priceless and it pretty much says all that needs to be said about the whole mess.

  • Old women like Demi Moore are great! They don’t yell, they don’t swell, they don’t tell and they’re grateful as h e l l .

  • i love her laways have she is huert but its time to get her shit togather she batter then this i thimk