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Love It or Leave It: Nice Bowl, Arnold Schwarzenegger

photo of arnold schwarzenegger new look pictures
Yeah, I know, it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger with a questionably-dyed hair color and definite poor taste in haircuts, but I had to sort of prime you guys with the face-forward photo before I could bodyslam you with the photo of Arnold’s hair from the back. Now that you’ve seen the front, you’re sort of prepared (wait, who am I kidding? There’s no preparing for this kind of follicle shock) for what’s to come up the back steps, because here it is:

photo of arnold schwarzenegger pictures bad haircut pic
And I kind of feel bad for making fun of an “old man” with an “old man haircut,” but this guy did father a child with the maid behind everyone’s back and didn’t even really own up to it after it was proven to be true, so there’s that, and that makes me feel confident in saying, “Wow, get a better barber, old man.”

Who’s with me?

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