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Guess Courtney Stodden Didn’t Get Rid of Those Shoes After All. Huh.

photo of courtney stodden and doug hutchison recent news pictures
Ugh. Is it me or does Doug Hutchison just get nastier-looking and nastier-looking as the days go by? Because man. He does.

This is Courtney Stodden, wearing the original ho shoes (and matching plastic ho bra!) to an event for ‘Muay Thai in America: In Honor of the King’, which was some kind of mixed martial arts event held in Los Angeles over the weekend.

Here’s another view of just Courtney—you don’t have Doug’s nastiness to detract from the full effect of Courtney’s lovely ensemble:

photo of courtney stodden pictures heels plastic lucite stripper pic
And OK, fine, one more for posterity (and because it’s the best of all):

photo of courtney stodden pictures
I think, in this one, if you look closely enough you might actually see what Courtney had for dinner. I could be wrong, but I somehow doubt it.

Yeah, girl.

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  • I have a very bad feeling about Doug. I hope she starts having real friends in her life soon who are close to her age and can help her get away from him.

  • what is sticking out of the top of her outfit. Looks like something you would use to make your boobs even bigger — it’s in the first pic. And does she not know that stripper shoes come in other styles as well? Switch it up there, stripper girl!

  • maybe she needs guidance. maybe she needs someone to style her and do her hair and makeup for a few days and see how the public will react (most likely more positively if it’s a decent stylist). MAYBE the compliments will urge her to stick with the new style.

  • Hasn’t she worn out those frigging shoes yet?? Geez girl go out and buy yourself another pair of shoes!!! They are hidious!!!