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Just Kidding, Gavin Rossdale Isn’t Touching the Help’s Ass

photo of gavin rossdale touching the nanny's sister's ass pictures
No, because he’s not—it’s his sister‘s ass, guys, and yeah, don’t I just feel like an ass myself for ass-uming that Gavin Rossdale would be the butt of anyone’s jokes because duh, why would you ever cheat on Gwen Stefani with a girl who kind of looks like Gwen Stefani? What a bunch of ass-hattery.

But really, haha, isn’t that just so funny? What’s also funny is that if my brother touched my ass/non-ass like that, it’d probably be to give me an atomic wedgie, and I’d probably haul off and punch him in the nuts. Just because we’re that kind of hands-on sort of family, he and I. You know.

Also, there are two photos of Gavin’s sister (different photo than the one above, and a face-on photo of the Fated Day of the Ass) for comparison. I’m not saying that it’s not Gavin’s sister in the above photo, but I am saying that if it isn’t Gavin’s sister, she might just be the kind of sister to cover up any kind of indiscretions her little brother might happen to wander into. That’s all.

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  • I choose to believe him because, if it wasn’t his sister, Gwen would be the one to know right? I have no idea if she really is the same person in both photos, but I bet Gwen does.