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Gavin Rossdale

Gwen Stefani’s Son’s Name Is…

gavin rossdale gwen stefani

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale welcomed their third child on Friday, a baby boy. His name was initially unknown, but Gavin has since announced it on his Twitter page. Y’all ready for this?

Apollo Bowie? Ouch, that’s a bit rough. I think that may take the cake for the worst name of all three of their kids. Kingston and Zuma are the others. What do you think?

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This week I need your help again to figure out who has the BEST, WORST, and most WTF look of the week! Featuring Sandra Bullock, Lindsay Lohan, and a very special outfit from Rita Ora.

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Just Kidding, Gavin Rossdale Isn’t Touching the Help’s Ass

photo of gavin rossdale touching the nanny's sister's ass pictures
No, because he’s not—it’s his sister‘s ass, guys, and yeah, don’t I just feel like an ass myself for ass-uming that Gavin Rossdale would be the butt of anyone’s jokes because duh, why would you ever cheat on Gwen Stefani with a girl who kind of looks like Gwen Stefani? What a bunch of ass-hattery.

But really, haha, isn’t that just so funny? What’s also funny is that if my brother touched my ass/non-ass like that, it’d probably be to give me an atomic wedgie, and I’d probably haul off and punch him in the nuts. Just because we’re that kind of hands-on sort of family, he and I. You know.

Also, there are two photos of Gavin’s sister (different photo than the one above, and a face-on photo of the Fated Day of the Ass) for comparison. I’m not saying that it’s not Gavin’s sister in the above photo, but I am saying that if it isn’t Gavin’s sister, she might just be the kind of sister to cover up any kind of indiscretions her little brother might happen to wander into. That’s all.

But Why Are You Touching the Nanny’s Ass, Gavin Rossdale?

photo of gavin rossdale touching the nanny's ass pictures
See that picture? That’s the backside of Gavin Rossdale, and he’s touching the backside of his nanny, who he took on a hike with his sons the other day, sans wife Gwen Stefani.

And I don’t know for sure, but I think in most cases, behavior like this (if this is, indeed, ‘this’ behavior) is kind of frowned upon, no?

Assuming this isn’t ‘this’ behavior, let’s talk about Gwen Stefani and her dad for a minute. In a recent interview, Gwen claimed that her dad knew that Gwen would marry Gavin even before Gwen or Gavin knew that they’d marry one another. From Stella magazine:

“That’s when my life changed. Here was this successful, good-looking English guy who seemed to be interested in me. I couldn’t believe it. My dad actually predicted it, though. When he saw Gavin on TV once, soon after we met, he said to my mom, ‘There’s your future son-in-law.’ But I didn’t really believe it was going to happen until the day we actually got married. It’s certainly been challenging for us at times. We had to spend a lot of time apart because of our careers. I basically spent all of last year on my own because he was in his band, touring the world. That was hard for me, being at home with the two boys. But now he’s home we realise how much we need each other.”

Now do you think there’s any credibility to the nanny ass-grabbing story? Or do you think that maybe the nanny just stumbled on a pesky old rock and Gavin, ever the gentleman, reached in to hold her up in the best way he knew—latching on to that ever-intimate spot, the area between the asscrack and small of a lady’s back?

Here’s a front view of that nanny, by the way:

photo of gavin rossdale's hot nanny pictures

I…Uh…Um… Can We Talk About Daisy Lowe For a Minute?

Yeah, hey. So you know that daughter that Gavin Rossdale didn’t tell anyone he had for like, 17 years and it turned out she was this hot young thing who was a model named Daisy Lowe? Remember that? OK, well here’s an update: That chick got hotter. I’m not lez, but I will say that this video of her Esquire UK shoot combined with the (NSFW) photos is definitely inspiring me to get my act together fitness-wise. I mean, damn. And you know what? She looks like a fun chick.

Gwen’s Got a Shaggy New Look

Gwen's Summer Glam

Gwen Stefani stepped out with her beautiful family in Hollywood yesterday, but the thing that caught everyone’s eye was her brand new hair-do. It’s a shorter, shaggier, looser look than we’re used to seeing from Gwen (who also was sporting all black for a change) and while I love the style– girl! Keep that hair out of your eyes! A headband, a bobby pin, something! I assure you that it will only be a couple of weeks running after her kids with all that hair in her face before Gwen gives up on this look.

What do you think of this cut?


“Everyone gave me so much shit because Gavin sounded like a lot like Kurt … But man, he was such an Adonis in his day! He got good in bed … something happened. Maybe Gwen taught him, for all I know.”

Courtney Love “admitting” to having slept with Gavin Rossdale.

“Yes. She does know. Everyone … yeah … and a few other people. We didn’t have a lot of pressure on each other, but we did like each other quite a bit.”

And Courtney Love in response to Howard Stern’s question regarding Rossdale’s wife, Gwen Stefani, and her knowledge of her husband cheating with the skankified Courtney Love.

I shudder at the imagery.

And also, I think she makes this shit up as she goes along and no one really contests it because she’s nutty-as-squirrel-poo Courtney-Fucking-Love. I mean, Harrison. I mean Michelle.