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This Would Be Scarlett Johansson’s New Boyfriend

photo of romain dauriac pictures scarlett johansson boyfriend
This would be Romain Dauriac, a “creative director” from France, and in the very next photo, he looks a little bit like Josh Hartnett (who was a former boyfriend of Scarlett’s), so I can see Scarlett getting past this top photo and boning him instead:

photo of scarlett johansson pictures romain dauriac picture
See? … And yeah, I know, right?

Sources close to the new couple are saying that it’s all still pretty new, but they’ve hit it off famously and a witness claims that the couple were out getting dinner in New York City earlier this week and were unable to keep their new love off the radar. The source says, “They were very lovey-dovey and holding hands under the table all night. They were holding each other while outside smoking in the cold.”

Aww, sweet. What could be more lovey-dovey than bonding over emphysema and other tobacco-related illnesses?

What do you think about Scarlett’s new man—a hit or a miss?

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