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EXCLUSIVE: First Photos of Josh Hartnett and Amanda Seyfried

photo of amanda seyfried and josh hartnett pictures photos
Some of you guys didn’t seem all that excited about the possibility of an Amanda Seyfried-Josh Hartnett romantic pairing, and I just didn’t get that. I love Amanda, and I think Josh is still pretty hot after all these years (and after other, longer-lasting heartthrobs have come and gone), and hearing that the two were probably boning on the regular really made my heart go pitty-pat. And while, like I said, I don’t love them like I love Michelle Williams and Jason Segel (who I haven’t heard squadoosh about since initially talking about it a couple of weeks ago)

Well anyway, here. Here’s photographic evidence that these two are, at the very least, shopping at the same grocery store and may or may not know one another either on a casual or quite personal basis. It’s enough for me, but then again, I’m not all that hard to please. Sources say that the two left Amanda’s house and headed to Trader Joe’s, where they stocked up on breakfast items:

After the two stars left Seyfried’s home (which she shares with older sister and personal assistant Jennifer), they went grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s, where they picked up yogurt, tortilla chips, cereal, bread and juice.

OK, I know. They’re boring. It’s … boring. This whole thing is really rather uninteresting and bland and vanilla. But you know what? I’ll bet the sex is hot. And if there were ever a Josh Hartnett-Amanda Seyfried sex tape, I bet it’d sell like hotcakes. Hot. Cakes.

New Couple Alert: Amanda Seyfried and Josh Hartnett?

photo of amanda seyfried dating josh hartnett pictures photos pics
From Us Weekly:

Amanda Seyfried, 26, has been seeing Josh Hartnett, 33, since January, sources tell the new Us Weekly, on stands this week.

“Josh likes to keep things low-key, so they’ve just been hanging out,” says a pal of the pair, who were set up by a friend. After having hot-and-heavy romances with Ryan Phillippe and Dominic Cooper in the past, Seyfried dated an NYC real estate exec, Andrew Joblon in late 2011.

Hm, interesting. Just when I had *almost* forgotten who Josh Hartnett even was, and man, did I have a huge hard-on for him back in the day. Remember Halloween: H20 and The Faculty? God. That boy had sex for looks. You can’t forget Pearl Harbor, either. That movie was one big crapshoot of, well, total shit, but laws. He made the interminable, three-hour torture somewhat bearable.

And then, of course, you have Amanda Seyfried, who’s pretty much one of the hottest things in Hollywood (that, ahem, doesn’t feel the obligation to show up to events wasted and uninvited, or flash her cooter all over Sunset Boulevard in order to get some attention) right now.

So, alright. I like it. I don’t *love* it like I love Michelle Williams and Jason Segel, but … and oh, wait. Wow. How bizarre. Michelle and Josh were an on-screen couple in Halloween: H20, and I think that’s kind of neat. Right? Neat. Sort of like the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon or whatever.

Anyway, the New York Daily News has some additional information backing Us‘s claims, and eyewitnesses say that the new couple was out partying with Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter. Somebody’s got love on their minds, especially if they’re doubling with unmarried-married folks:

Though they’ve managed to keep their blossoming romance hush-hush, the pair was reportedly spotted at L.A.’s Chateau Marmont on Feb. 6 while on a double date with on-again couple Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter, Seyfried’s “Gone” co-star.

What do you guys think – hot or not?

Hartnett’s HOT Gastrointestinal Flare-up

Josh Hartnett in Feb 2009

Josh Hartnett checked in to the hospital early Monday morning, complaining of abdominal pain severe enough that he had to go in by ambulance. And I’m willing to bet that even famous people don’t prefer to go to the emergency room by ambulance unless it’s serious. He was released today, but information about what caused the “flare up” is sketchy at best. According to E! Online:

The Sin City stud was taken by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles early Monday morning for severe abdominal pain. He has since checked out.

“He is out of the hospital,” Hartnett’s rep, Susan Patricola, tells E! News. No further details—including the actual date of his release—were given.

However, Sienna Miller reportedly flew from Miami to visit him in the hospital Wednesday.

Earlier this week, Patricola described the stomach problems as “a flare-up of a gastro-intestinal problem that plagued him while he was starring in the west end of London during the production of Rain Man.”

There’s absolutely no reason why anyone over the age of 13, who is ostensibly getting paid reasonable amounts of money to write this shit, should refer to someone as “stud” when the words immediately following are “taken by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.”

Unless that article was written by me for this site, and it wasn’t.