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Lisa Turtle Wants Us to Know That She Has No Issues

Nope, no issues whatsoever. Lark Voorhies is totally, completely fine. As you can see, when she discusses the rumors of her mental illness in the video, she’s very cool and collected. Time to move alone then, folks! Nothing to see here!

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  • This is a little sad to watch… she just doesn’t know what she’s on about. Girl needs some attention despite what she says.

    Also, the guy cleaning outside the window was quite distracting…

  • Um, wow. Not only is she exhibiting loosening of associations, there is the window cleaning guy, and the interviewer’s hairstyle is really odd. As a whole, the effect is surreal.

  • It looks like Lark is struggling with an internal dialogue; as though she is attempting to overrule less coherent thought…it’s like there’s a tennis match in her head.

    *the quick cuts to the interviewer are so choppy, that she appears to be in a different room…weird, sad, awkward clip.