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J Woww Dressed as a Nerdy Catherine Zeta-Jones for Halloween This Year

photo of j woww halloween pictures
And isn’t she cute? Seriously, this might be the best that J Woww‘s ever looked in life, and that’s almost sad, considering it’s only for Halloween.

For real, though? She’s looking a lot like CZJ circa ‘Mask of Zorro’, and if you don’t believe me, here it is:

photo of catherine zeta jones pictures
Right? Granted, Woww’s face is much puffier and a lot shinier because of fillers than CZJ’s lovely one, but there’s a lot of the same features going on there, and generally speaking, I think this is a winning look for girlfriend (both of them; how hot was Catherine in that movie? Damn).

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  • Haha, my first thought when seeing this picture, on another site, without even seeing this article was …Wow! Jwow has never looked this good before.. she should really just change her look to ‘nerd’ ..permanently…Really though, this just goes to substantiate that nerds truly are the best…and apparently everyone would probably look a heck of a lot better if they let their inner nerd out!