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JWoww Is Still Engaged, Ruined Her Face

A photo of Roger Mathews and JWoww

No, listen, I love JWoww, I really do. She and Snooki are my very favorites, without a doubt. I think that, for all of her drunken antics, she’s got a good head on her shoulders, and even though she claims that she’ll rip a guy’s head off after having sex with him, I think has a big heart. No, it’s just her face. She just ruined her face.

Here’s a picture of JWoww after the filming of the second season of Jersey Shore:

A photo of JWoww

She still has those enormous implants, obviously, but I don’t think she’d had any other plastic surgery at that point. She looks cute, right? But now look at JWoww now:

A photo of JWoww

That’s crazy, isn’t it? I couldn’t even begin to name the procedures she’s has done, unless there’s a “your whole face”-plasty. It’s just everything, her whole face looks weird and tweaked. And she’s only 26 years old. Just meditate on that for a minute. This 26-year-old woman did this to her face. Are you disturbed? Because I’m a little disturbed.

So here’s a palate cleanser:

A photo of Emily's cats

It’s my little kitty cuddling my big kitty’s head on top of my dresser with the teddy bears on it! They have not had any plastic surgery.

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  • Damn she is only 26! She looks strange I bet a forehead lift her eyes look pulled back. Her face look tight and uncomfortable.

  • It’s actually a ‘palate’ cleanser, not palette. But we let you off because the kittens re cute :)

  • Didn’t know The Joker look continued to be popular outside of Hollywood. JWoww went to the wrong plastic surgeon, that’s for sure.

  • Its sad because I always thought she was so gorgeous, she didnt need all that work.

  • Aw Emily I always look forward to your kitten pictures! How’s your little man doing after his surgery? P.S. I love your new picture too!

    • Thank you! And he hasn’t had his surgery yet. Since I moved, I had to find a new vet, but the new vet says he doesn’t neuter until the cat is 9 months old. I’m going to call around, because that seems late, but my kitty isn’t getting aggressive or territorial or anything, so 9 months might be ok. Kitties!

  • JWOWW was so gorgous b4 all that surgery. she didn’t need all that plastic surgery done to her face. i bet now she’s lik FUCK! WHY DID I DO THAT.

  • she looks 50! why do these young women get botox and plastic surgery and then they LOOK OLDER!! SHE LOOKS HORRIBLE! puffy eyes, bloated look. she was so pretty b/4. she must 100% regret doing whatever the heck she did cuz she looks horrible. On another note, this last season of jersey shore snooki is BEAUTIFUL!!! she is glowing and gorgeous; what a pretty woman she is. Deena and JWoww look like typical bloated drunks!

  • Unreal. Why she would feel the need to do that to her face – at age 26, no less – is a mystery. Her fake boobs aren’t attractive at all, but at least when she had those done her face was still (completely?) natural.

    She should take some of that jersey shore money and have all that hideous reconstruction un-done (if that’s even possible, for her sake I hope it is).

  • I don’t really get why she pumped all that shit in her face.. what was she trying to achieve? most people want their faces to be thinner not rounder…

  • Jwoww’s facial changes look horrible & just think she & others who do this actually pay someone to do this to their face!? Omg! Now she looks like she’s been punched in the Face about 20 times! She even talks slow & weird now! It’s just frustrating & sad to see people do this to themselves!

  • The thing that keeps jumping out at me about her appearance is that she looks like she’s gained at least 25-30 pounds since the last time I saw her. Look how thick her legs are, as well as her upper arms, face, etc. I think that is why her face looks so horribly tight & bloated. You put that much weight (which isn’t much for a normal sized person) & put it on the tiny/tight body she used to have & this is what you get. I was wondering why she is suddenly covering up her midsection in recent pics, wearing blouses over the top of her normal corsets & camis. I thought maybe she was pregnant & trying to hide it! But I believe the weight gain is noticeable all over her entire body, especially in her face. That’s such a shame too, as she had one of the most incredible bodies on the market today! I know I’d give just about anything to have a super tight body like hers again…the huge implants & all;)) She was truly very blessed in the looks department, especially her build!

  • SORRY!!! Didn’t realize how old the pics/article was before leaving a comment. I’m assuming she’s lost the weight since then, as the recent pic of her & Snooki making muscles for the cam show she’s definitely back on track w/her health & fitness routine. Good for her!

  • Whoa, I just found out I was watching snooki and jwoww. Seriously, I was wondering who the hell this older woman is hanging with snooki!

    Its beyond sad, she wasn’t just pretty, she was uniquely gorgeous! Poor girl.

    I’m 48 and don’t look anywhere near that rough